Magadhan Empire in Indian History

Magadhan Empire in Indian History:

  • In the 6th century BC there originated 16 Mahajanapadas in North India
  • Four prominent royal dynasties stand out prominently out of these Janapadas. They were Haryankas of Magadha, the Ikshvakus of Kosala, the Pauravas of Vatsa and the Pradyotas of Avanti.
  • Haryanka is the name of a new dynasty founded in Magadha by Bimbisara.
  • Bimbisara founded the dynasty by defeating the Brihadrathas.
  • Bimbisara was a contemporary of Buddha.
  • Magadha became a supreme power in North India under Ajatasatru. So Ajatasatru is considered as the founder of Magadhan Supremacy
  • Pataliputra and Rajagriha were the capitals of Magadhan kingdom.
  • Magadha falls in the Patna region of Bihar.
  • Haryankas were overthrown by Sisunaga and he founded the Sisunaga dynasty there
  • Kalasoka the son and successor of Sisunaga was succeeded by Mahapadma Nanda and he founded the Nanda dynasty.
  • Ajatasatru’s successor Udayin was the founder of the city of Pataliputra.