Alexander’s Invasion in Indian History

Alexander’s Invasion in Indian History:

  • Alexander was born in 356 BC as the son of King Philip II of Mascedonia.
  • Epirus or Olympias was Alexanders mother
  • Aristotle was Alexander’s teacher.
  • He became the king in 336 BC
  • He defeated the Persian ruler Darius III.
  • Alexander founded the city of Alexandria in Egypt
  • In 326 BC Alexander defeated Porus (Purushothama) the ruler of Punjab and Captured Taxila through the battle of Hydaspes on the banks of river Jhelum
  • Ambhi the ruler of Taxila invited Alexander to India.
  • Alexander died of Malaria at the age of 33 in 323 BC while he was in Babylon.
  • Alexander was cremated at Alexandria
  • Alexander was known as Shehansha in Persia and Sikhandar-I-Asam in Indo-Pak region.
  • The Last general of Alexander in India was Eudamas.
  • Alexander’s first General in India was Selucus Nikator.
  • Alexander IV succeeded Alexander as the Masedonian King.
  • Alexander’s teacher Aristotle is considered as the father of Politics, Biology, Taxonomy and the Science of Logic.