Top 10 CBSE Schools in Kolkata

CBSE Schools in Kolkata:              Kolkata which is the capital city of West Bengal is one of the most preferred destinations for quality education in India. Initially, in early days, the medium of the schools was Bengali and Sanskrit which later changed into the medium of English due to the British rule in India. Now, … Read more

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Bangalore

CBSE Schools in Bangalore:                              As we all know, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a Board of education for public and private schools under the Union Government of India. Bangalore, Garden city of Karnataka has become a home for many best CBSE Schools in playing significant role in the contribution towards the skill … Read more

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Chennai

CBSE Schools in Chennai:              Chennai is one the top most metro cities of India which is very famous for its education system and most popular schools. This city has many top most Schools which are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of New Delhi. Right from the start of the education, … Read more

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Hyderabad

Top CBSE Schools in Hyderabad: Hyderabad, Capital of Telangana is a one of the populous city in India. This city has very rich history. There are Number of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools in Hyderabad. School study plays a vital role in shaping skill and carrier. This attracts Big Brands to establish … Read more

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

CBSE schools in Coimbatore:                  Next to Chennai, Coimbatore is the right location for choosing the best CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore has many top most and popular CBSE schools which are directly affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of New Delhi. CBSE syllabus is flexible and comfortable for most of … Read more

Top Ten CBSE schools in Pune

CBSE schools in Pune:                 Pune is the next top most city for Best CBSE schools in North India followed by New Delhi and Mumbai. Pune was called as “The Oxford of the East” by Jawaharlal Nehru who was the Former Prime Minister of India since it attracts students from all over the world. … Read more

CBSE Class 1 Mathematics Syllabus

CBSE Class I Mathematics: CBSE Class 1:              CBSE Class 1 students have various subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Computer and Hindi. Among this, let us check the details about the CBSE Mathematics below:   Chapters covered in CBSE Class I Mathematics:                          Math is a very important subject to trigger the brain right from … Read more

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Syllabus

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics:               When compared to CBSE Class 3, CBSE Class 2 Mathematics covered various simple topics on Addition, subtraction, multiplication without carry, place value in numbering system, simple division, etc., But in CBSE Class 3, next level mathematics is taught to enhance and trigger the brain of the child. For this, they … Read more

CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus

CBSE Class 10 Science:              CBSE Class 10 Science syllabus is divided into two terms such as Term 1 and Term 2. Term 1 includes the following topics such as: Term 1: Chemical substances- Nature and behavior World of living Effects of current Natural resources Term 2 includes topics such as: Chemical substances-Nature and Behavior … Read more

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics:                      Just like the CBSE Class 9 Mathematics, CBSE Class 10 Mathematics syllabus is also divided into two terms such as Term 1 and Term 2. Term 1 covers the following syllabus such as: Number systems Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Statistics Term 2 syllabus are: Algebra (Continued) Geometry (Continued) Trigonometry (Continued) Probability … Read more