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Online Test Series for ACET Examination is an unique offering started by Entranceindia for the first time in India. Many ACET coaching institutions have referred our online test series for teaching to their students and many of them also enrolled their students in our Online ACET Model Papers. Students get good number of questions for practice before attempting the real ACET Test online. Our Test Series are in line with ACET Syllabus and highly relevant and recommended for students appearing the test in India. We are providing ACET Sample Papers free of cost for registered users and 15 / 10 ACET Model Papers at a reasonable price. We also provide doubt clearance support for  students appearing the ACET Test on 14th / 15th June 2013.

ACET Sample Papers

acet sample papers june 2018

(Important Notice: Entranceindia has released 10 sets of ACET Model Papers. These model papers are based on ACET syllabus. Sample papers for these models are also available for free.)

Now get ACET Sample Paper free with creating an user id at Apart from this free sample paper we are also providing ACET Model Papers at reasonable cost. We have in offer 10 sets of Model Papers for students appearing ACET Exam December 2018. Our Model Papers are in line with ACET Syllabus and it is well designed for providing opportunities to students to practice good number of problems on statistics and mathematics covered under ACET Syllabus. There are also Questions and answers from Data Interpretation, English and Logical Reasoning. We have 31 questions in Sample Paper Level – I and 15 questions in Level – II. However, our Model Papers for ACET Exam which is provided to our paid users consists of 70 questions in each model paper as asked in ACET Examination. Our Online Model Practice Papers are widely used by students of ACET exam since the first ACET Exam January 2012. Since then we are creating value in ACET Preparation satisfying thousands of students who have appeared ACET Test and successfully completed the test.

ACET DEMO Practice Paper

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ACET Online Practice Papers (10 Sets)
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ACET December 2013: Online Practice Paper (15+2 Models) with Chapter-wise Test

ACET December 2013


Boost your Preparation with Model Papers & Chapter-wise  questions for ACET Exam December 2013

Entranceindia has released 15+2 Model Papers & chapter-wise questions for ACET December 2013 Exam. This course shall supplement your preparation for the exam with practice questions as per the prescribed syllabus.

15+2 Online Practice Papers for ACET Exam.

  • Easy to follow solutions provided for wrong as well as correct responses
  • Questions are prepared by Expert Teachers in the field of Mathematics and Statistics
  • mmediate result shown after submission of test
  • Easy to follow solutions provided for wrong as well as correct responses
  • Unlimited reviews allowed for each Test
  • 24 X 7 availability
  • Doubt Clearance Support
  • 24 Hrs Activation including holidays
Special Feature:
  •  2 Extra Models on questions relating to Age, Date of Birth, Profit & Loss, Dividend Distribution, Retained Earnings, % mark up, etc
  • 2 Probable Model Papers immediately before the examination


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ACET Model Papers 2018

acet model papers 2018

ACET December 2018 Model Papers:

Entranceindia has been providing ACET Sample Papers and ACET Model Papers since beginning of ACET Test i.e. January 2012. Since then students placed high reliance on our expert model papers meant for Actuarial Common Entrance Test. Model papers are similar to Actuaries Entrance exam pattern (New Pattern). There are as many as 70 questions from Mathematics, Statics, English, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. Questions are based on new pattern. These Model papers can be proved very much helpful if it is practiced well. To know the exam pattern and quality of model papers we are providing sample papers for practice. Register today for a demo ACET Sample Paper free of cost.

Salient Features of the Practice Paper:

  • The questions and explanations are prepared by expert teachers in the field of Mathematics and Statistics.
  • In addition there are required number of questions from English, Data Interpretation and logical Reasoning.
  • Equal importance has been given while designing the English, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Questions.
  • The tests are designed to have the similar experience as under the real exam environment.
  • Each practice sets contains 70 questions each.
  • There are total of 100 marks for each set (45 – 1 Mark each, 20 – 2 Marks each and 5 – 3 Marks each)
  • Negative marking set at 50% for incorrect response.
  • There are 10 Full Syllabus Model Tests consisting of 70 questions of 100 marks each as asked in ACET Exam.