NEET Preparation or Study Plan for NEET

Getting ready for NEET UG

NEET UG is considered to be extremely important and a good score is an entry pass to reputed medical colleges across India and at state level. A bad score can sink your entire career plan and lead you to disappointment. Hence, the NEET UG is the most important part of your desired medical career and you should try to achieve highest possible score by doing well in your examination.

Preparing thoroughly for the test can really pay off. Your preparation should start with a well designed study plan to be followed throughout till the NEET UG exam. Whether it is self study or coaching classes an extra bit of practice will prove to be rewarding. A small investment in online practice papers for NEET UG exam, if it improves your score, is worth considering.

While the amount of course materials you need to know for the NEET UG may be vast and time available to prepare for the exam is limited, a good planning for preparation could make sense in achieving that desired score.

A focused and disciplined approach to studying will let you cover almost everything you need to know. Practicing the test will get you even farther. And learning flashcards, past exam papers, etc. can get you very far on the NEET UG score.

Making an NEET UG preparation plan

1. Make a study plan.

The first thing to do is schedule your study time. You should plan for at least three months of study time, longer if you don’t feel comfortable with all the core materials. Set specific goals for each week.

Secondly, find out what’s important for your study. You don’t want to spend your whole time studying each and every aspect. Find out what’s important on the exam point of view. For this purpose you may refer previous year question paper (NEET/AIPMT). You can practice past exam papers for free from here. Chapter wise distribution of questions can be obtained to know the importance of particular chapter or section of the syllabus.

2. Practice the Test

Continually test yourself with NEET UG type practice questions. has come up with varieties of NEET UG Practice Papers in Online mode and in Pen Drive for candidates appearing for NEET UG entrance exam. Each of our practice papers aims at testing the desired level of knowledge in students appearing NEET UG. We not only test your knowledge but also provide easy to follow solutions and tricks and tips for sharpening your skill for this national level test.

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3. Learn test-taking skills.

Develop techniques for answering questions within the allotted time and without the aid of calculators, log tables, etc as these items are not allowed inside the examination hall. Develop question reading skill and try to understand maximum outcomes of a given question in one go. Though each wrong response carries 1/4th negative marking, in an extreme situation when you are running out of time, understanding how answers are phrased and ordered can be a huge help. Try it while you take a practice test. Guess the answers without reading the question first, and then answer again after having read the question.