Shri Santosh Kumar Dutta Member of Parliament (MP) from Howrah (West Bengal) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Santosh Kumar Dutta

Political Party: Congress

Constituency & State: Howrah (West Bengal)

Lok Sabha Experience: 1

First Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

 DUTTA, SHRI SANTOSH KUMAR, Cong. (West Bengal— Howrah—1952): S. of Late Shri Netai Charan Dutta; B. Howrah, July 3, 1906; ed. at Howrah Zilla School, Presidency College, Calcutta, Calcutta Medical College; m. Shrimati Binapani Dutta, July 18, 1934; 6 S. and 3 D.; Businessman; Connected with various Social Organizations of the town of Howrah; Secretary, Medical Relief for the District of Howrah during the Bengal Famine of 1944; Commissioner, Howrah Municipality from 1946; Vice-Chairman, Municipal Committee for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals from 1946 to 1952; Member, West Bengal Congress Committee; Treasurer, Howrah District Congress Committee; General Secretary, West Bengal Provincial Conference, 1951.

Clubs: Howrah Sporting Club; Howrah Samaj. 

Hobby: Angling.

Favourite pastime: Football, Hockey and Cricket.

Permanent address; 20, Chintamoni Dey Road., Howrah.

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