JIPMER 2016 Exam Pattern

JIPMER Exam pattern:

             JIPMER is a most important medical entrance examination which is conducted on June month of every year. It has equal importance to other important medical exams such as AIIMS, AIPMT, etc. JIPMER 2015 was conducted on June 2, 2015. Results were declared on June 12, 2015. Merit list of students are released in the official website of JIPMER.

          These merit lists are calculated according to the student’s percentile scored in the JIPMER examination. Every year, the number of students participating in this exam is increasing drastically. Thus, competition becomes heavier year by year. So, students who are going to take part in this exam must be thorough in the pattern and syllabus of the JIPMER examination.

JIPMER Pattern:

               Pattern for any exam is very important since it helps in testing the capabilities of student in all possible subjects. A question pattern checks the student’s strengths and weakness in every subject and gives a clear idea about the student’s ability to the examination coordinators. Thus, a student must surely know the pattern thoroughly before start preparing for any kind of exam.

Below is the pattern for the JIPMER exam:

Total duration of the exam: 150 minutes (Two and half hour)

Total number of questions: 200

Types of question: Only multiple choice or objective type of question.

Language of the question booklet: Only English

Subject wise questions:

            Physics: 60 questions each carrying 1 mark

              Chemistry: 60 questions each carrying 1 mark

             Biology: 60 questions each carrying 1 mark

             English: 10 questions each carrying 1 mark

             Logical reasoning: 10 questions each carrying 1 mark

No negative marks are applicable for any incorrect attempt.

Total number of marks: 200

Exam will be conducted during the morning session from 10.00 A.M to 12.30 P.M.


Mode of the examination:

            This exam is conducted only in online mode. It is a computer based test. Syllabus of JIPMER will be covered from class XI and class XII (State board, CBSE board) science subjects. Detailed list of the syllabus covered for JIPMER is as below:


Test centers for JIPMER:

           JIPMER is conducted in seven cities in Northern India. They are:

  1. Lucknow
  2. Meerut
  3. Delhi
  4. Faridabad
  5. Ghaziabad
  6. Greater Noida
  7. Gurgoan

In southern region JIPMER is conducted in 17 cities such as:

  1. Chennai
  2. Cochin
  3. Bengaluru
  4. Coimbatore
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Namakkal
  7. Nagercoil
  8. Mangalore
  9. Mysore
  10. Pondicherry
  11. Salem
  12. Thirunelveli
  13. Trichy
  14. Trivandrum
  15. Vishakapatnam
  16. Vijayawada
  17. Thiruvannamalai


JIPMER is also conducted in eight cities of Eastern zone and four cities of western zone in India.


Important dates for JIPMER MBBS 2016: (Tentative)

Online registration of JIPMER starts from: 11th March 2016

Closing date for online registration: 02 May 2016

JIPMER 2016 exam is to be conducted on: June 8th, 2016

However, please wait for the official announcement of JIPMER MBBS 2016 exam from the site of JIPMER. On the whole, students who are going to start prepare for JIPMER exam must be clear about the pattern of the exam. Knowing the pattern very well will help you to concentrate more on the subjects which weighs high marks. Thus, it makes you to get through JIPMER easily.



JIPMER 2016 Syllabus

JIPMER Syllabus:

             JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research) is an important medical entrance examination in India. More than one lakh students take part in this exam every year to get admission to the MBBS course in JIPMER, Pondicherry.


Advantages of taking part in JIPMER:

  • JIPMER is the fourth top most medical institution of India next to AIIMS, CMC and AFMC.
  • JIPMER examination contains no negative marking scheme. Thus, students can attend all questions in the question booklet.
  • Questions are mostly direct and not much twisted when compared to other medical entrance examination.

Syllabus of JIPMER:

                 Here is the syllabus of JIPMER 2016. This is the reference from JIPMER 2015. Thus, students have to keep on checking the official site of JIPMER to know the latest syllabus.

The pattern of the exam covers:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Logical reasoning.

Total number of questions: 200 (Only multiple choice of questions)

Duration of the exam: Two hours and 30 minutes


Questions subject wise:

 Physics: 60

Chemistry: 60

Biology: 60

English: 10

Logical reasoning: 10

Syllabus is covered from the 12th standard board examination questions.



  • Basic concepts in Chemistry:

           Physical quantities and measurement in Chemistry, Matter and its nature, laws of chemical combinations, atomic, molecular, masses mole concept, chemical stoichiometry.

  • Atomic structure:

               Thomson’s and Rutherford atomic models, Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, angular momentum and magnetic electronic spin and spin quantum numbers, Aufbau principle, Hund’s rule, electronic configurations of elements.

  • States of matter:

       Three states of matter, Kinetic theory of gases, real gas and deviation from ideal behavior, intermolecular forces, solids and liquids.

  • Chemical energetic:

             Basic concepts in thermodynamics, thermochemical equations, enthalpy changes during phase transformation, Hess’s law, standard enthalpies of formation, bond enthalpies.

  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties:

     Modern periodic law and present form of periodic table, electronic configuration and types of elements and s,p,d,f, periodic trends in properties and elements.

  • Basic principles of organic chemistry:

Tetravalence of carbon, general introduction to naming organic compounds, electronic displacement in covalent bond, Fission of covalent bond, carbocations and carbonanions.

  • Chemistry in everyday life:

Chemicals in food, cleansing agents such as soaps, detergents, cleansing action, rocket propellants, chemicals in medicine.

  • Hydrocarbons:

Alkanes and cycloalkanes, alkenes and alkynes, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum and petrochemicals.

  • Purification and characterization of carbon compounds:

Purification of carbon compounds, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, determination of molecular masses.

  • General principles and processes of isolation of elements:

    Methods and principles of extraction, occurrence and principles of extraction of Al, Cu, Zn, Fe.

To refer the detailed syllabus of JIPMER model paper please check the following link:



  • Introduction and measurement:

   Need for measurement in physical quantities, units for measurement, systems of unit, dimensions of physical quantities, orders of magnitude, random and instrumental errors, Trignometric functions.

  • Description of motion in two and three dimensions:

     Vectors in two or three dimension, vector addition and multiplication, scalar and vector products, motion in two dimensions, general relation among position-velocity-acceleration for motion in a plane and circular motion.

  • Description of motion in one dimension:

                       Objects in motion in one dimension, motion in straight line, uniform, non-uniform motion, speed and velocity, relative velocity, average speed and instantaneous velocity, Uniformly accelerated motion, acceleration in one dimensional motion.

  • Laws of motion:

               Force and inertia, Momentum, conservation of momentum, rocket propulsion, static and kinetic frictions, rolling frictions, lubrications, inertial and non-inertial frames.

  • Rotational motion:

             Centre of mass of rigid body, nature of rotational motion, torque, angular momentum and its geometrical and physical meaning, conservation of angular momentum, moment of inertia and its significance, comparison between translatory (linear) and rotational motion.

  • Gravitation:

               Universal law of gravitation, inertial and gravitational mass, orbital velocity, geostationary satellites, gravitational potential, escape velocity and weightlessness.

  • Oscillations:

   Periodic and oscillatory motions, simple harmonic motion, resonance and damped oscillations with examples.

  • Magnetic effects of current:

         Oersted’s observation, magnetic field due to straight wire, circular loop and solenoid, forces and torques on currents in a magnetic field, forces between two currents, definition of amphere, ammeter and voltemeter.

To refer the syllabus in detail, please check out the following link:



  • Diversity in living organisms
  • Human Physiology
  • Ecology and environment
  • Cell structure and function
  • Plant physiology
  • Biology and human welfare
  • Biotechnology
  • Genetics and evolution
  • Structural organizations in animals and plants


English and comprehension:

         This is divided into three sections such as

Section A:

                 Reading passages and note making

Section B:

           Writing skills

Sections C:

             Literature and long reading text.

English section also covers synonyms, antonyms and some vocabulary.


Logical reasoning:

       Questions from Analogy test, Logical deduction, figure formation and analysis, questions on figure matrix, etc.

        Before start preparing for JIPMER be clear with the syllabus of JIPMER 2016. Prepare your study strategy according to the syllabus. Concentrate more on important and repeated questions. Never waste your time in learning less important topics. Be clear and confident to clear JIPMER examination.





JIPMER Model Question Paper

JIPMER UG Medical Entrance 2013 is going to be held on 2nd June 2013. Entranceindia provides online Model Question Paper for students of JIPMER Entrance to practice and perform well in the examination. There are three subjects covered in the Model Test Papers Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are 160 questions in total covering 40 questions from Physics, 40 questions from Chemistry and balance 80 questions from Biology. Students can attempt these tests in an online exam environment and review their result to see their performance. Also they can review the detailed solutions many times without any time limit.

Click below to see the details of the test:

JIPMER UG Medical Entrance 10 Model Papers (Online Test Series)


Contents  related to JIPMER UG 2014 :


JIPMER MBBS Entrance Model Papers 2018

jipme mbbs model question paper 2018

JIPMER MBBS Model Paper: is providing Mock tests and Preparatory Courses of JIPMER MBBS entrance exam since 2012. You can find out 50+ questions from each and every chapter in Preparatory Course. JIPMER Model question papers comes with step by step solution. JIPMER MBBS Mock Tests are available in Online Mode and Pen Drive Mode. These courses have been intended to give a turn to the aspirants of JIPMER MBBS entrance examination. Each test can be taken separately. In Preparatory Course there are chapter-wise tests as well as JIPMER full syllabus model papers which will enable students to focus on specific chapters as well as whole syllabus. The courses are designed by our experts to suit the need of every aspirant. In Preparatory Course one can get more than 6000 questions. 10 set model papers are also designed to provide real time exam environment. In a simple manner questions has been presented so that it will easy to understand the pattern. JIPMER Model question papers are designed to take your preparation to next level.


We have designed most valuable mock tests to make your JIPMER MBBS Entrance dream achievable. Mock test questions are based on the teaching experience and invaluable knowledge of our teaching staff. These JIPMER MBBS Model question papers are based on JIPMER MBBS entrance exam pattern questions. The most attractive part of this mock test is this will allow you to self assess. You will able know the gap you need to fill while preparing for the JIPMER MBBS Entrance exam. There are also courses available for thorough preparation. These Model Question Papers will let you practice exam pattern questions.

JIPMER MBBS Sample Paper

Students can practice JIPMER MBBS Sample Papers for free. You just need to register with to practice free Online Sample Papers. Questions of this sample papers are taken from JIPMER MBBS Model Paper. JIPMER MBBS Sample Papers reflect our Model Papers prepared by experts.

JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers

To give student edge we have released JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers for free practice. No registration required to practice previous year question papers. You need to click the below link to practice these model papers. Answer will shown to you after submitting the question papers. JIPMER MBBS Previous year question papers are best tool to know the exam pattern of JIPMER MBBS Entrance.

JIPMER MBBS Previous Year Question Papers

JIPMER MBBS Sample Papers

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JIPMER Medical UG Online Model Papers (10 sets)

About JIPMER MBBS 2016 Model Papers(10 Sets)

Course Description: is the only website which has been providing JIPMER MBBS Entrance Model Papers for students seeking career in medicine. Our test papers are updated as per new requirements of the JIPMER Medical Entrance Test. JIPMER Medical Entrance is being conducted online and hence our online model papers are ideal for practicing to enhance and bring you hands on experience of Online Test as well as entrance level mock test paper. For best preparation subscribe our AIPMT Online / DVD Preparatory Course along with JIPMER Online Test Series. Memory Flashcards on Physics, Chemistry and Biology are included in this package.

Course Highlights:

  • Realtime Tests based on JIPMER Entrance Syllabus with Solutions
  • Tests prepared by experienced faculties
  • Each Model Paper Consists of 200 questions (60 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, Biology & 20 questions from English)
  • Option to attempt Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English Tests separately
  • Each correct answer carries 1 mark and wrong answer carries no negative marks
  • Easy to follow solutions can be viewed for both correct as well as incorrect responses


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jipmer mbbs 2018 entrance exam information

About JIPMER Medical Institute, Puduchery

Located in Pondicherry, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research is India’s premium institute imparting education in medicine. JIPMER works both as an educational center that provides undergraduate and post graduate medical training as well as a full-fledged hospital that provides good inexpensive medical care to a large number of patients.

Career Prospect in Medicine with JIPMER

JIPMER offers excellent undergraduate and post graduate programs in medicine for aspiring candidates. It is one of India’s most renowned colleges offering an array of medicine related courses. JIPMER is a national level institute and tertiary care referral hospital and is directly under the administrative control of the Directorate General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Graduating from such a coveted institute and being trained under the guidance of experienced faculty definitely brighten the career prospects of the students.

According to Director of JIPMER (Jawaharlal institute of postgraduate medical education and research) 1,55,193 students had applied to appear JIPMER MBBS entrance exam held in 5th June, 2016 across 75 cities and 270 exam centers. JIPMER has 200 seats for MBBS admission. Out 200 seats 150 seats for campus of Puducherry and 50 seats for Karaikal campus. From this students can imagine the level of competition among the students to acquire a seat in JIPMER Medical College.

JIPMER MBBS Important Dates – 2018

Online Registration Opening Date 7th March, 2018 (Wednesday)
Online Registration Closing Date 13th May, 2018 (Friday)
Download of Hall Ticket from JIPMER 21st May 2018 (Monday)
from 10.00 AM
3rd Jun 2018 (Sunday)
till 8.00 AM
Date of Entrance Exam
(Online Mode only)
3rd June 2018 (Sunday)
Morning Shift
(10.00 AM to 12.30 PM)
2nd Shift
(If required)
(Online Mode only)
3rd June 2018 (Sunday)
Morning Shift
(3.00 PM to 5.30 PM)
Expected date of Publication of Merit List 20th June, 2018

Hurdling over JIPMER MBBS Entrance paves the way for your aspiring medical career:

So why pick a Career in Medicine? This is one question that truly can’t be replied with one basic sentence. At least you need to figure out whether a career in medicine is ideal for you. Numerous individuals battle with their career decision, and your choice will fundamentally impact the course your life takes, and the opportunities that come your direction.

An aspiring medical student does choose this as a profession as they want to make a difference in the world. And why not. This noble profession provides the opportunity to go that. Apart from this the security in the job market is tremendously on a higher rate and do have a lot of flexibility to choose from. You can end up being a surgeon or a specialist in orthopedic or dermatologist, etc. or even a general practitioner consulting all your patients. A career in medicine is rewarding and at the same time fulfilling on a wide range of levels, and with its heap of varieties and alternatives, the main deterrent is picking which way to go, which medical college you actually desire to study to take your medical career on an upward swing.

JIPMER MBBS 2018 is one of the better options for your medical career

This medical college and research institute were established by the governing French government those who administered Pondicherry in the year 1823 as Ecole de Medicine de Pondicherry. After this region became a part of the Indian union this established was named as the Dhanvantari Medical College and later upgraded to Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER).

JIPMER is viewed as one of the better medical colleges in the country providing free treatment. 2059 the number of beds, the foundation records around 6,200 outpatients and 600 crisis that are handled on a daily basis. As part of the initiative of Golden Jubilee celebration in 2014 a development exercises of International School of Public Health was consistently settled at an expense of Rs. 150 crores and establish six satellites in which the focus would be made to reinforce social insurance administrations.

How to get admitted in this prestigious JIPMER Medical College (JIPMER MBBS 2018)

To step into JIPMER as an aspiring student, you have to overcome the JIPMER MBBS Entrance test conducted every year. The Entrance Examination is placed on different topics totaling 200 in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Quantitative Reasoning, English and Comprehension. Each one is answered with the right attempt might be recompensed one mark. You will be given zero marks to the questions not replied. If you scribble more than one answer to the same question it will be regarded as an incorrect answer. Negative marking is not allotted though.

JIPMER 2018 Model Papers

JIPMER 2018 Entrance Exam Preparation Tips

JIPMER MBBS Sample Papers

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JIPMER 2016:


JIPMER 2016 Syllabus

JIPMER 2016 Entrance Exam



JIPMER MBBS 2015 Application Process:

JIPMER Application Forms can be filled online only and payment of fees can only be made through Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking Transactions. JIPMER MBBS Exam 2015 will be held on 07.06.2015 the first week of June across various exam centres in India.

This institute conducts various medical courses for the undergraduates to the post graduate level. You can opt for PhD study also. The institute also do conducts different medical research programs.

JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 Total Number of Seats:

There are total 150 seats for MBBS education at JIPMER, Puduchery. Out of the total 150 seats unreserved (UR) 50, OBC 28, SC 16, ST 11, Puducherry Residents  40 (PUR 23, POBC 11,PSC 6), NRI/OCI  5 seats (Under Self Finance Scheme). Entrance examination for all the 150 Seats are conducted online only based on distributed object system exam of 150 minutes duration (10:00 am – 12:30 pm) on 07.06.2015, Sunday under Single Shift.

JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 Important Dates:

The important dates for JIPMER MBBS Entrance 2015 is as under.

On-line Registration from :.02.03.2015 (Monday) 11:00 AM

On-line Registration closes on : 04.05.2015 (Monday) 5.00 PM

Entrance Examination : 07.06.2015 (Sunday) 10.00 AM – 12:30 PM

Commencement of MBBS Course : 01.07.2015 (Wednesday) 10.00 AM

JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 Eligibility:

Basic eligibility for JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 is listed as under:

(i) Nationality: Indian Nationals / Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) are also eligible to apply

(ii) Qualification: Must have passed / appeared for HSC (10+2) examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Biotechnology & English/Equivalent.

(iii) Age: Completed age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December 2015 i.e. he/she should have been born on or before 01.01.1999

For more details on JIPMER MBBS 2015 Eligibility please refer prospectus for JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 given hereunder for download.

JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 Prospectus PDF Download:

You can download and read carefully (preferably a printed one) before starting to fill online application. It is in your own interest to note down all the details required to fill the online application form. To download click the below link.

JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 Advertisement Download:

You can download JIPMER advertisement / notification to know details of the exam from the below mentioned link.

JIPMER Medical Entrance 2015 Helpline Numbers & Website:

For JIPMER MBBS 2015 Help you can contact the following Authorities during office hours as mentioned hereunder.

Academic Section – Enquiry: Mrs. R. Kanmani, Mr. S Ramesh Babu, Contact No 0413 – 2298287 (Direct Line) 0413 – 2272380 : Extn : 8573

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Toll Free Help Line: 18002660371

JIPMER Website  URL:

Fax No: 0413 –2272735, 2272066, 2272067

For any further enquiry / Correspondence please contact the P.S to Dean: Mr. Singara Velane, 0413 – 2298283 (Direct Line)

Office of the Dean, III Floor, JIPMER Academic Centre Dhanvantri Nagar P.O, Puducherry 605 006.

Note: For any query related to MBBS admission and Entrance Examination, responses and clarifications will be provided ONLY from the above contact numbers and e-mails during office hours (9 AM to 1 PM & 2 to 5 PM).

Source: JIPMER MBBS 2015 Prospectus


Model Papers and DVDs for Medical Exams 2015


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