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JEE Main Sample Papers for 2014 JEE Main Exam

JEE Main 2014 examination will be conducted by CBSE in both online and offline mode. There is a good improvement in number of students appearing for online entrance test conducted for JEE Main. There are very few institutes in India provide online practice papers for JEE Main 2014. has been pioneer in providing JEE Main sample papers for JEE Main 2014. There are fifteen model test papers across all the chapters. JEE Main sample papers 2014 provided by covers all the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Student can take a model test exactly the same way it will come in the JEE Main online entrance test. The more number of sample papers a student can cover it will help to secure more confidence and will provide an indicators of your knowledgeable.

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JEE Main 2014 Sample Paper : Learn practice and perform provides you with an intensive range of practice papers for JEE Main 2014. There are few free JEE Main sample papers which students can access by just registering themselves in The free JEE Main sample papers are just a small representation of a huge question bank Entranceindia has. provides JEE Main sample papers in a very systematic manner whereby the each model paper has the right representation of entire JEE Main 2014 syllabus. The questions are prepared by experienced teachers and are completes of original nature. Students can register for (10) ten model papers, fifteen (15) model papers or achiever’s plan for JEE Main 2014. Each question is provided with four options. Based on your selected answers, will provide the correct answer, detailed solution and your score. Each question has an explanation detailing the answers and approach for solving the questions.

JEE Main 2014 Achiever’s Plan (online mode)

JEE Main 2014 Achiever’s Plan DVDs

JEE Main Model Papers (15+1 Sets)

JEE Main Success Series Model Papers (15+1 Sets) DVD

JEE Main Model Papers (10+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2014 Introduction and Scheme of Examination

  • Admission criteria to Undergraduate Engineering Programs at NITs, IIITs, Other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions, Institutions funded by participating State Governments, and other Institutions shall include the performance in the class 12/equivalent qualifying Examination and in the Joint Entrance Examination, JEE (Main).
  • The Paper-1 (B. E./B. Tech.) of JEE (Main) will also be an eligibility test for the JEE (Advanced), which the candidate has to take if he/she is aspiring for admission to the undergraduate programmes offered by the IITs.
  • The States of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Nagaland and Odisha have joined JEE (Main) system. Therefore, the candidates seeking admission to the institutions in these states, which were earlier admitting based on their State Level Examination, are also advised to fill in the JEE (Main) – 2014 application form online.

JEE Main 2014 Schedule of Examination


A. Offline examination (Pen and Paper Based Examination) for Paper 1 (B. E. /B. Tech.) and Paper 2 (B. Arch./B. Planning.)
Date of Examination Paper Subjects Timings Duration
06.04.2014 Paper 1 (B.E./ B. Tech.) Physics, Chemistry &
0930-1230 Hours(IST) 3 Hours
06.04.2014 Paper 2 (B. Arch. / B.


Mathematics – Part I
Aptitude Test – Part II &
Drawing Test – Part III
1400-1700 Hours(IST) 3 Hours
B. Online examination (Computer Based Examination) for Paper 1 (B. E./B. Tech.) Only
Dates of Examination* Paper Subjects Timings Duration




Paper 1 (B. E./B. Tech.) Physics,
Chemistry &
1st shift 0930-1230 Hours (IST)
2nd shift (**) 1400-1700 Hours (IST)
**If required
3 Hours
  1. *The option of date for Computer Based Examination for Paper – 1 should be exercised while filling up the application form.
  2. The allotment of slots/dates will be on first come first served basis.
  3. If a candidate does not make any selection, he/she shall be randomly assigned a slot/date as per the availability of the same.
  4. The Computer Based Examination for Paper – 1 in Colombo, Kathmandu, Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Muscat and Riyadh will be held only on 19/04/2014.
  5. In case a candidate, by furnishing the false information, appears in more than one slots/dates of the computer based examination or appears in both the modes of examination i.e. pen & paper based and computer based examination, his candidature will be cancelled and his result will not be declared.


JEE Main 2014 Mode of Examination

  • The Paper-1 (B.E./B. Tech.)  of  JEE (Main) will be conducted in two separate modes i.e. Offline (Pen and Paper Based Examination) mode and Online (Computer Based Examination) mode.
  • The Paper-2 (B. Arch./B. Planning.) of JEE (Main) will be conducted only in Pen and Paper based examination mode.
  • A candidate will opt for either Pen and Paper Based or Computer Based examination modes for Paper-1 (B. E./B. Tech.) only.

JEE Main 2014 Model Question Paper

Now avail JEE Main 2014 Model Question Papers at After an extra ordinary response in JEE Main 2013, we are proud to introduce JEE Main 2014 and JEE Main 2015 Achiever’s Plan for students appearing this national level test for seeking admission into NITs, IITs, etc. Our Achiever’s Plan includes chapter wise tests, Model papers, Past exam papers, flash cards, etc to equip students with the ability to perform better in the JEE Main examination. Our Model Papers and Chapter questions are prepared by well experienced teachers in the field teaching engineering and medical entrance examinations in India. Students can also avail free Sample Papers as well as JEE Main 2013 Question paper online practice.

JEE MAIN 2014 Achiever’s Plan

JEE MAIN 2015 Achiever’s Plan

JEE Main Model Papers (15+1 Sets)

JEE Main Model Papers (10+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2014 Sample Paper (Free for registered user)

JEE Main 2013 Exam Paper (Free for registered user)


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JEE Main 2014 Study Approach

jee main jee advanced exam patternAs the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) published the JEE Main 2013 Rank List considering both JEE Main Marks as well as Class XII marks in the ration of 60:40, it is clear for next JEE Main that students can’t ignore Class XII Exam marks fully concentrating on the entrance examination. There are many students who get attendance in schools without attending school for the sake of attending coaching classes to prepare rigorously for the engineering entrance examination. This trend is definitely going to break if CBSE continues the new scheme of preparing rank list considering class XII and entrance marks together. Some students say they may opt for other board for their class XII exam in place of CBSE as the marks in CBSE Board is extra ordinarily high and which makes their all India rank lower than expected. There are also lots of confusion on normalization process and many filed petition in the court for bringing clarity in the process. There may be few changes in normalization process after court’s intervention. However, the consideration of Class XII marks will continue in preparation of rank list for JEE Main.

To prepare both Class XI, XII and JEE Main 2014 / 2015 students need to plan for their study and put equal effort for both of these examinations. Entranceindia being pioneer in online learning in India specifically in the field of engineering and medical education brings achiever’s plan which satisfies both the needs of the students. This plan provides chapter wise tests for all class XI and XII course contents in three different levels of difficulty. Apart from that students shall practice Model Papers for the JEE Main engineering entrance examination. This complete package empowers students to prepare well both for class exams as well as JEE Main Examination. To know more about JEE Main 2014 click here.

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JEE Main 2013 Rank List

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently announced the JEE Main 2013 Rank List. Students who appeared JEE Main 2013 Entrance Examination can view their rank online. The students can also get their result at CBSE’s official website to check their rank. The rank list is prepared by CBSE considering the entrance exam mark and class XII marks after the process of normalization. The weightage for entrance mark is 60% whereas the weighage for the Class XII marks is 40%. Students can also get their all India rank, State rank and category rank through their rank card.

JEE MAIN 2014 Achiever’s Plan

JEE MAIN 2015 Achiever’s Plan

JEE Main Model Papers (15+1 Sets)

JEE Main Model Papers (10+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2014 Sample Paper (Free for registered user)

JEE Main 2013 Exam Paper (Free for registered user)


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JEE Main 2013 Online Preparatory Course

Boost your JEE Main 2013 Preparation with our Online Preparatory Course (OPC)


Entranceindia has released Online Preparatory Course for JEE Main 2013 Exam April 2013. This online preparatory course shall supplement your preparation for the exam with practice questions as per the prescribed syllabus.


Salient Features of the Online Preparatory Course:


  • The questions and explanations are prepared by IITians, NITians and experts of national repute in the field of IIT JEE and AIEEE coaching.


  • The tests are designed to have the similar experience as under the real exam environment.


  • There are 36 Chapterwise Tests (12 Tests each for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), 4 Revision Tests and 10 Full Syllabus Model Tests (Total 50 Tests).


  • There are 1530 questions covering the entire syllabus for JEE Main with questions of two levels of difficulty.


  • The test dates are scheduled to be released on a particular date after which it is available for attempt and review.


  • Each Chapter Practice Test (CPT) consists of 3 tests (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) of 20 questions each.


  • After every three Chapter Practice Tests (CPTs) there shall be one Revision Practice Test (RPT) which shall consist of 90 questions in total from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for chapters already covered.


  • Time limit for each level test is set at 90 minutes. Each Revision Practice Test (RPT) and Full Syllabus Test shall have 3 Hours to complete the test.


  • Full syllabus tests shall consist of 90 questions covering the whole syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.Detailed easy to follow solutions provided for each question.


  • Each correct response carries 4 marks and negative marking set at 25% for each incorrect response.


  • Free 10 Previous Year Question Papers of AIEEE Practice with this subscription


  • Free 500+ Memory Flashcards to memorize and revise important concepts, theorems, formulas, laws, rules, reactions, etc.

  • 24X7 Payment Processing and Activation


Schedule for Online Preparatory Course and Syllabus Coverage





Date of Release

CPT(1)    Level 1     Level 2 Physical world and measurement, vectors, kinematics, laws of motion Basic Concepts in Chemistry(Mole Concept, Empirical and Molecular Formulae, Stoichiometry), Atomic Structure, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Set, Relations, Function,Logarithm, Sequence and Series Available Now
CPT(2)       Level 1      Level 2 Friction, circular motion, Projectile motion Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry,(Nomenclature and Isomerism), Hydrocarbons Limit, Continuity,Differentiation 29.11.2012Thursday
CPT(3)     Level 1      Level 2 work  power energy, gravitation Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Equilibrium Trigonometry, Matrices 13.12.2012Thursday
RPT- 1 CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3 CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3 CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3 27.12.2012Thursday
CPT(4)      Level 1        Level 2 electrostatics and capacitance Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistryd and f-block elements Application of Derivative, Determinant 03.01.2013Thursday
CPT(5)      Level 1      Level 2 Magnetic effects of current, magnetic properties of materials s-block elements, p-block elements Point, Straight line, Circle 10.01.2013Thursday
CPT(6)      Level 1      Level 2 Rotational motion and moment of inertia, current electricity Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry Differentiability, Quadratic Equation, Mathematical Reasoning 17.01.2013Thursday
RPT- 2 CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6 CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6 CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6 24.01.2013Thursday
CPT(7)     Level 1      Level 2 Properties of solids and liquids, ray and wave optics Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry Conic Section, Binomial Theorem 31.01.2013Thursday
CPT(8)      Level 1      Level 2 Kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics and heat transfer Electrochemistry and Redox Reaction, Isolation of Metals, Hydrogen Indefinite and Definite Integration 07.02.2013Thursday
CPT(9)      Level 1       Level 2 electromagnetic induction, alternating current  States of Matter(Gas, Solid, Liquid), Solutions Permutations and Combinations, Probability 14.02.2013Thursday
RPT- 3 CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9 CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9 CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9 21.02.2013Thursday
CPT(10) Level 1      Level 2 Simple harmonic motion, wave motion Organic Compounds containing Halogens, Alcohol and Ethers, Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 3D, Vector 28.02.2013Thursday
CPT(11) Level 1      Level 2 Atomic physics, nuclear physics, electronic devices Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids Statistics, Height and Distance 07.03.2013Thursday
CPT(12) Level 1      Level 2 Electromagnetic waves, communications, experiments Environmental Chemistry, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Principles related to Practical Chemistry Area under the Curve, Differential Equation 14.03.2013Thursday
RPT- 4 CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT –12 CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT – 12 CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT – 12 14.03.2013Thursday

Full Syllabus

Test – 1 to 10

Full Syllabus

Full Syllabus

Full Syllabus



  • Attempts Allowed: 5 attempts and unlimited reviews allowed till conclusion of JEE Advanced Exam.
  • Course valid till conclusion of JEE Advanced Exam (2nd June 2013)


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JEE Main 2018 Sample Paper

jee main sample paper for 2018

JEE Main Sample Paper 2018

Objective of JEE Main Sample Papers is to provide better insight to students appearing JEE Main 2018. We provide two way of Model Papers for JEE Main 2018. Under the first method you can log in by creating your user ID and take free JEE Main Sample Testinside our Test Platform. Or, You can download one full model paper for JEE Main 2018 by clicking the below download button. The online free Sample Papers have answer key as well as explanations. The downloadable JEE Main Model Paper is not provided with answer and it is for practice purpose only. Students want to practice similar JEE Main 2018 Model Papers can subscribe to our JEE Main 2018 Preparatory Course or JEE Main 2018 Model Papers (15+1 Sets).

JEE Main Sample Papers (Free for registered users)

JEE Main 2018 Sample Paperhas been prepared by to educate students about JEE Main 2018 exam question paper pattern. Our JEE Main 2018 Sample paper gives a glimpse about our JEE Main 2018 model papers. Students can get access to JEE Main 2018 Sample Paper by registering (free) on website. This sample paper is helpful to JEE Main 2018 aspirants. Our Model Practice papers for JEE Main 2018 covers JEE Main 2018 exam pattern questions prepared by experts.

JEE Main Previous Year Papers Free Online Practice

Apart from JEE Main 2018 Sample Paper and model papers, provides Preparatory Course which covers large numbers of questions. These questions have been given in chapter wise format, so that after each chapter students can assess their ability and can enhance their preparation. These Chapter wise questions are in Level I, Level II (based on difficulty of questions) and revision tests.

Contents of JEE Main Sample Papers:

JEE Main Sample Papers online version or downloadable version of Model Papers are prepared strictly in accordance with the exam pattern followed in JEE main examination. Our papers are highly acclaimed after JEE Main 2014 Exam when it was direct matching of as many as 12 questions from our Preparatory course for JEE Main.

JEE Main Model Practice Papers (Online)

Approximately 14 lakhs students are appearing JEE Main exam every year which is held in the month of April every year. This exam can be attempted in two modes: Online Model (computerized) or Offline mode (pen and paper based). Based on students comfort level they can choose the mode for appearing the JEE Main 2018test.

JEE Main Previous Year Papers pdf download

Benefits of Online Mode for Appearing JEE Main 2018

The online computerized mode offers few benefits over offline mode as under:

– Less time to choose the answer from the multiple list of answers

– No need to darken the answer box as in pen and paper based question paper

– Review of answer a click away

– Changing answer easier than pen and paper based examination (erasing not required)

– Navigating between questions easy

Why for JEE Main 2018 Preparation? has been providing online and DVDs for various engineering and medical examinations in India since 2011. Since new pattern JEE Main, students find it easy to subscribe for online model papers or DVD model papers rather than any printed material. Online or DVD format model papers immediately judges candidate’s time consumed while appearing for the test. The Test engine will immediately show candidate’s performance with correctness of each question appeared. As many as 12 questions matched from our preparatory course in JEE Main 2014 Exam which made all our subscribers happy about it.

You can find the question match details in the link below:

JEE Main Sample Papers

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JEE Main Preparatory Course
(Chapter Tests & 15+1 Model Papers)

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JEE Main (15+1) Model Papers
(15+1 Model Papers)

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JEE Main (10+1) Model Papers
(10+1 Model Papers)

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JEE Main Physics Achiever’s Plan
(Physics Chapter Tests & 16 Physics Models)

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JEE Main Chemistry Achiever’s Plan
(Chemistry Chapter Tests & 16 Chemistry Models)

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JEE Main Mathematics Achiever’s Plan
(Mathematics Chapter Tests & 16 Mathematics Models)

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Download JEE Main Model Paper Without Answer Key:

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Advantages of JEE Main sample paper 2018

JEE Main 2018 Sample Papers prepared by Entranceindia help the students to practice more and get the conceptual understanding of each chapter as well as overall examination. The Model Papers for JEE Main 2018 cover lot of practice question papers with answer keys and explanations that helps students to prepare well for the JEE Main 2018 Entrance Examination.

  • The JEE Main 2018 Model Papers prepared by Entranceindia are very similar to the examination pattern of JEE Main 2018.
  • The design of the questions are done in view to provide JEE Main 2018 Examination like experience for the students.

JEE Main 2018 Sample Papers are meant to be used anytime anywhere.

In 2014, around 14 lakhs students appeared for JEE Main examination. As per recent announcement only top 150,000 students are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced examination. Students qualifying in JEE Advanced are eligible for getting admission into IITs.

JEE Main 2018 Sample Papers prepared by Entranceindia are prepared to help students enhance their knowledge and prepare them well for the real JEE Main 2018 examination. The score you get during JEE Main 2018 sample test provides an indication of the readiness of the students for the JEE Main examination.

Since the questions are prepared for each subject and each chapter, students taking the test in JEE Main 2018 Practice Questions can get an indication of which subject is strong and which requires more attention.

JEE Main 2018 Sample Papers – Features

  • JEE Main 2018 sample paper covers class XI and XII Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics from CBSE Curriculum.
  • It is advisable for students to take the entranceindia JEE Main 2018 preparatory course so as to get a strong hold on each subject. Once you practice questions from each subject, appearing the model test papers become easy. Candidates can solve the Practice Papers of JEE Main 2018 in both online and offline mode.
  • Students can appear JEE Main 2018 Practice Papers online and hence anytime and anywhere.
  • Each question is provided with four choices and a detail explanation of the answer
  • JEE Main 2018 Model Papers provided by Entranceindia helps students to get the speed and knowledge.


JEE Main 2015

jee main-prepartory cours 2015Know complete details about JEE Main 2015 including eligibility, important dates, syllabus, exam pattern, online application, rank list, cut-off score, sample papers, model papers, etc. here. You can register online for free JEE Main Sample Papers.

Important Note: proud to announce success of our Model papers in matching questions in JEE Main exam papers for the second year in row. As many as 12 questions in a single paper is a remarkable achievement and we are thankful to our expert panel who prepared these model papers and preparatory question sets. Click here to view question sets.

JEE Main 2015 will be conducted by CBSE during the month of April 2015 both in online as well as offline mode. Students completing 10+2 during the year 2015 are eligible to appear the test. This all India entrance test is the admission criteria for all National Institute of Technology (NITs) in India, IIITs and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) in India. Apart from this many States have already declared to adopt JEE Main score for finalizing admissions in Engineering colleges in that state both under Govt management as well as private management. The most crucial point about the exam is that only top 1.5 Lakhs candidates of JEE main 2015 shall be eligible to appear JEE Advanced Examination 2015 which is the qualifying examination for admissions into most prestigious IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) in India. Considering these admission rules for engineering career in India JEE Main 2015 will be the most preferred examination for students seeking engineering career. Entranceindia has been providing best model papers for JEE Main since 2013 and since then we find many question match from our model papers. Our experts analyses the question paper every year to set best probable sets of model papers and students get an opportunity to practice many exam pattern questions which are likely to come in the real examination. Apart from model papers we provide chapter-wise tests which is helpful in gaining in-depth knowledge and command over the subject. Speed and Accuracy are the two important criteria for achieving success in JEE main exam.

JEE Main 2015 Preparatory Course (Online):

This course is suitable for those who wants to practice JEE level questions well ahead of time without waiting till JEE Main declaration. The well planned practice papers help students gaining confidence for appearing the JEE Main test. This course is available in online mode. Students of either category (Online Mode and Offline Mode) can opt for this course. Many offline candidates do practice online without having any apprehension of the test being offered in online mode. However, if you do not have internet connection, you can order our JEE Main 2015 Preparatory Course DVDs (3 Nos) for unlimited practice without internet connection.

JEE Main 2015 Preparatory Course DVDs (3 Nos):

The JEE Main 2015 Preparatory Course is delivered in DVD mode and there are three DVDs containing various sections of this JEE main 2015 preparatory course.


Click here for JEE Main Free Sample papers & Model papers


JEE Main 2015 Eligibility:

To know more details on JEE Main 2015 Eligibility and who can appear the JEE Main test, reservation category, etc please click the below link:

JEE Main 2015 Eligibility

JEE Main 2015 Important Dates:

JEE Main is conducted in the month of April every year both in online and offline mode at various exam centres across India  and abroad. To know JEE Main important dates with respect to declaration of JEE Main, Online Application Form, Last date for application, last date for review, admit card download, etc. please refer the below mentioned link:

JEE Main 2015 Important Dates

JEE Main 2015 Syllabus:

Syllabus for JEE Main covers both class XI and XII CBSE Curriculum for subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For detailed discussion on JEE Main Syllabus please click the below mentioned link.

JEE Main 2015 Syllabus

JEE Main 2015 Exam Pattern:

Whether online mode or offline mode, JEE Main Paper 1 exam pattern is same for all. A candidate has to answer 90 questions of 4 marks each in 180 minutes of time. Questions are asked in equal numbers from subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. While each correct answer will fetch you 4 full marks, each incorrect answers shall have -1 (negative) mark to be added. For questions which are not attempted there is no negative marking. To get more idea about JEE Main 2015 Exam Pattern click the below link:

JEE Main 2015 Exam Pattern

JEE Main 2015 Application Form:

JEE Main applications are filled online and high level of caution and care should be exercised while filling up JEE Main application. Before making final submission please go through all the fields in the application form including your name. There are detailed instructions on how to fill up JEE Main application form online and you must go through these instructions carefully before proceeding for the online application form. We will also publish “How to Fill up JEE Main Application Form during November 2015. Click the below link for more details.

JEE Main 2015 Application Form

JEE Main 2015  Mode of  Exam

JEE Main 2015 Rank List

JEE Main 2015 Exam Centres

JEE Main 2015 Model Test Papers

JEE Main 2015 Sample Papers:

We provide free sample papers for JEE Main 2015 candidates once they register at There are limited questions in our Free Sample Paper. You can access full length Model Papers (90 questions in each model papers) once you are a paid member. For free access registration please click the below link.

Register for free Sample Paper

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JEE Main 2015 Helpline Numbers

JEE Main Past Exam Questions Download

JEE Main 2015 Eligibility (Know who can apply for JEE Main, rules regarding improvements in Board Exam, etc)

JEE Main 2015 Important Dates (When you should act for filling JEE Main application and other important dates)

JEE Main 2015 Syllabus (know JEE Main 2015 Syllabus, course coverage, chapter coverage)

JEE Main 2015 Exam Pattern (details about JEE Main Exam pattern in which questions are asked in the examination)

JEE Main 2015 Online Application (how to apply for JEE Main 2015 online)

JEE Main 2015 Sample Papers (get free access to JEE Main Sample Paper at after registration)

JEE Main 2015 Model Papers (JEE main 2015 Model papers covering whole JEE Main Syllabus and in JEE Main Pattern)