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JEE Main 2015 Exam Centre Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh JEE Main Exam Centres
CodeCityMode of Exam
226BhopalComputer based
227GwaliorPen & Paper BasedComputer based
228IndorePen & Paper BasedComputer based
229JabalpurPen & Paper BasedComputer based
230SagarComputer based
231SatnaComputer based
232UjjainComputer based


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JEE Advanced 2014 Test Series

jee advanced model papers

JEE Advanced 2014 will be held on 25th May 2014 to screen candidates aspiring for IITs in India. The top 150000 candidates across various categories in JEE Main 2014 are allowed to take the test. The test shall comprise of 2 papers to be appeared in 2 sittings. Entranceindia released 20 Papers Test for JEE Advanced and during 2013 our test papers were highly appreciated by students appearing for the test. Students also can appear sample free test after getting themselves registered in our website. There are 20 papers and each paper consists of 20 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

JEE Advanced 2014 Online Model Tests (10 Papers)

Click here for JEE Advanced Sample Paper (free)

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Practice Papers for JEE Main 2013

Practice Papers for JEE MAIN 2013 now available at Students can avail these practice papers for better preparation and practice extra questions along with their existing preparation. We also provide AIEEE, BITSAT and VITEEE Past Exam  Papers free along with JEE MAIN Practice Papers. Students can also go through Flash Cards on JEE MAIN Syllabus to improve their memory on various rules, formulas, theorems, etc. Sample papers are available for registered users free of cost.

JEE Main 2013 Online Practice Papers (15+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2013 Online Practice Papers (10+1 Sets)

JEE MAIN 2013 Online Practice Papers (5+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2013 Sample Practice Test (Free for registered users)

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IIT JEE Sample Test Papers

Entranceindia announces release of JEE MAIN Online Practice  Test for IIT JEE aspirants in India. JEE MAIN 2013 is considered to be the entry level exam for NITs, IIITs and other Engineering Colleges coming under previous AIEEE Exam. Top 150,000 successful candidates across various categories are allowed to appear JEE Advanced Entrance the entry exam for IITs in India. Students may take the test either through offline mode (Pen and Paper based) or Online mode (Computer based). Whatever may the mode of the test students need to practice more and more questions and mock through the exam like tests to cope up with the real exam within the allowed time frame of 3 hours. Entranceindia designed the Online Model Question Papers keeping in view the real exam time frame and expected level of questions in the real exam. Our expert team of teachers have chosen the mix of chapters and questions from each chapter so as to cover entire JEE MAIN Syllabus giving more priority to chapters expected to be important in the exam. Though there is no model paper download or pdf version of the practice papers, students can register free to avail our JEE MAIN 2013 Sample Test and get an idea of how the online test is being taken up. For JEE MAIN 2013 Practice Paper, Online Mock Tests, Model Questions, Sample Tests, etc students can visit our website and choose any Online Practice Model or combination of  Model Papers along with NEET UG Pre-Medical Online Practice Test. Along with these model papers students shall avail AIEEE, BITSAT and VITEEE past exam question papers practice free. Available JEE MAIN Model Papers are as follows:

JEE Main 2013 Online Practice Papers (15+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2013 Online Practice Papers (10+1 Sets)

JEE MAIN 2013 Online Practice Papers (5+1 Sets)

JEE Main 2013 Sample Practice Test (Free for registered users)


JEE MAIN and NEET UG Combined Practice Papers:

Offer: JEE MAIN & NEET UG Practice Papers Combined Package

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JEE Main 2014 Sample Paper

You get JEE Advanced Practice Paper 2014 (Rs.1450) completely free when you subscribe for JEE Main Achiever Plan or 15+1 Model Paper. OFFER VALID TILL APRIL 6th, 2014.

Entranceindia has released JEE Main Sample Paper for the students appearing  JEE MAIN Exam 2014. Apart from this Sample Paper we have also released JEE Main 2014 Achiever’s Plan (chapterwise test) for students aspiring to score good marks through extra practice. We have also on offer JEE Main 2014 Model Papers (10 sets and 15 sets) for the purpose of preparation for JEE MAIN 2014. Every extra mark is counted as the score cards are issued on a national level and only top 150,000 candidates are allowed to appear JEE Advanced  Exam meant for admission into IITs. Our Achiever’s Plan helps students to prepare for their class XII Board examination also.


Click Here to Practice JEE Main 2014 Sample Practice Test (Demo)

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JEE Main 2014 Achiever’s Plan

JEE Main Model Papers (15+1 Sets)

JEE Main Model Papers (10+1 Sets)

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JEE MAIN 2013 Online Practice Papers (5+1 Sets)


     Test Summary:

Proceed NowProceed Now


  • Immediate Activation on Receipt of Payment

  • Realtime Tests based on JEE MAIN Syllabus with Solutions

  • Tests prepared by IITians, NITians and other experienced faculties

  • Unlimited Test Reviews till JEE Advanced Exam without time limit

  • Each Model Paper Consists of 90 questions (30 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)

  • Option to attempt Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Tests separately

  • Each correct answer carries 4 marks and wrong answer carries negative marks of -1 each

  • Easy to follow solutions can be viewed for both correct as well as incorrect response

  • Unlimited review of your test and solution without time limit

  • course valid till: 2nd June 2013 (JEE Adv. Exam 2013)

  • Doubt Clearance Support

Get Free:

500+ Memory Flashcards on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

5 AIEEE, 5 BITSAT & 5 VITEEE past exam question papers online practice

1 Expert’s Probable Model Paper before the examination

Direct Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit :

You may subscribe either through online payment or direct transfer / direct deposit of cash to our Axis Bank Current Account. Please call our helpline numbers to get our bank account details.

Helpline Numbers:

  1. 099582 96 396 / 397
  2. 099370 23566
  3. 097778 37437 (24 Hrs)

Or, E mail: or

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JEE Main 2013 Online Preparatory Course

Boost your JEE Main 2013 Preparation with our Online Preparatory Course (OPC)


Entranceindia has released Online Preparatory Course for JEE Main 2013 Exam April 2013. This online preparatory course shall supplement your preparation for the exam with practice questions as per the prescribed syllabus.


Salient Features of the Online Preparatory Course:


  • The questions and explanations are prepared by IITians, NITians and experts of national repute in the field of IIT JEE and AIEEE coaching.


  • The tests are designed to have the similar experience as under the real exam environment.


  • There are 36 Chapterwise Tests (12 Tests each for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), 4 Revision Tests and 10 Full Syllabus Model Tests (Total 50 Tests).


  • There are 1530 questions covering the entire syllabus for JEE Main with questions of two levels of difficulty.


  • The test dates are scheduled to be released on a particular date after which it is available for attempt and review.


  • Each Chapter Practice Test (CPT) consists of 3 tests (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) of 20 questions each.


  • After every three Chapter Practice Tests (CPTs) there shall be one Revision Practice Test (RPT) which shall consist of 90 questions in total from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for chapters already covered.


  • Time limit for each level test is set at 90 minutes. Each Revision Practice Test (RPT) and Full Syllabus Test shall have 3 Hours to complete the test.


  • Full syllabus tests shall consist of 90 questions covering the whole syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.Detailed easy to follow solutions provided for each question.


  • Each correct response carries 4 marks and negative marking set at 25% for each incorrect response.


  • Free 10 Previous Year Question Papers of AIEEE Practice with this subscription


  • Free 500+ Memory Flashcards to memorize and revise important concepts, theorems, formulas, laws, rules, reactions, etc.

  • 24X7 Payment Processing and Activation


Schedule for Online Preparatory Course and Syllabus Coverage





Date of Release

CPT(1)    Level 1     Level 2Physical world and measurement, vectors, kinematics, laws of motionBasic Concepts in Chemistry(Mole Concept, Empirical and Molecular Formulae, Stoichiometry), Atomic Structure, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesSet, Relations, Function,Logarithm, Sequence and SeriesAvailable Now
CPT(2)       Level 1      Level 2Friction, circular motion, Projectile motionBasic Concepts in Organic Chemistry,(Nomenclature and Isomerism), HydrocarbonsLimit, Continuity,Differentiation29.11.2012Thursday
CPT(3)     Level 1      Level 2work  power energy, gravitationIonic Equilibrium, Chemical EquilibriumTrigonometry, Matrices13.12.2012Thursday
RPT- 1CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 327.12.2012Thursday
CPT(4)      Level 1        Level 2electrostatics and capacitanceChemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistryd and f-block elementsApplication of Derivative, Determinant03.01.2013Thursday
CPT(5)      Level 1      Level 2Magnetic effects of current, magnetic properties of materialss-block elements, p-block elementsPoint, Straight line, Circle10.01.2013Thursday
CPT(6)      Level 1      Level 2Rotational motion and moment of inertia, current electricityChemical Kinetics, Surface ChemistryDifferentiability, Quadratic Equation, Mathematical Reasoning17.01.2013Thursday
RPT- 2CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 624.01.2013Thursday
CPT(7)     Level 1      Level 2Properties of solids and liquids, ray and wave opticsThermodynamics and ThermochemistryConic Section, Binomial Theorem31.01.2013Thursday
CPT(8)      Level 1      Level 2Kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics and heat transferElectrochemistry and Redox Reaction, Isolation of Metals, HydrogenIndefinite and Definite Integration07.02.2013Thursday
CPT(9)      Level 1       Level 2electromagnetic induction, alternating current States of Matter(Gas, Solid, Liquid), SolutionsPermutations and Combinations, Probability14.02.2013Thursday
RPT- 3CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 921.02.2013Thursday
CPT(10) Level 1      Level 2Simple harmonic motion, wave motionOrganic Compounds containing Halogens, Alcohol and Ethers, Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen3D, Vector28.02.2013Thursday
CPT(11) Level 1      Level 2Atomic physics, nuclear physics, electronic devicesAldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic AcidsStatistics, Height and Distance07.03.2013Thursday
CPT(12) Level 1      Level 2Electromagnetic waves, communications, experimentsEnvironmental Chemistry, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Principles related to Practical ChemistryArea under the Curve, Differential Equation14.03.2013Thursday
RPT- 4CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT –12CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT – 12CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT – 1214.03.2013Thursday

Full Syllabus

Test – 1 to 10

Full Syllabus

Full Syllabus

Full Syllabus



  • Attempts Allowed: 5 attempts and unlimited reviews allowed till conclusion of JEE Advanced Exam.
  • Course valid till conclusion of JEE Advanced Exam (2nd June 2013)


Click here to make online payment and subscribe this course

Click here to take a sample test free

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JEE Main Sample Paper

There are lots of speculations regarding the question paper pattern for JEE Main 2013 and JEE Advanced 2013. JEE Main syllabus is taken based on CBSE class XI and  XII syllabus. Students are expected to prepare for the full syllabus prescribed and practice sample practice papers to score high in the national level test for Graduate Engineering Admission. is bringing JEE MAIN 2013 ONLINE PREPARATORY COURSE. This online course shall equip both CBSE and non-CBSE Board students to practice questions based on the new syllabus as prescribed by CBSE. This online test series is prepared by expert teachers from IITs, NITs and other institutions of national repute teaching IIT and NIT aspirants.

Students can appear our sample question paper (demo model) for JEE Main 2013 before subscribing to our “JEE Main 2013 Online Preparatory Course”. This sample demo question paper consists of 10 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Total 30 questions carry 4 marks each and to be answered within 60 minutes. There is negative marking of 1/4th of the total mark assigned to a question and all questions carry equal marks.

The Online Preparatory Course for JEE Main 2013 will help students to practice well the whole syllabus prescribed for JEE Main 2013. There shall be 2 levels of questions (Level – I & Level – II) for each Chapterwise Tests. After 3 Chapterwise Practice Test (CPTs) there shall be one Revision Paper Test (RPT). Finally, there will be 10 full syllabus test and AIEEE past 5 years question paper test. After practising for the entire syllabus chapterwise, revising through RPTs, practising full syllabus test and past exam papers of AIEEE students will have better clarity about the subjects as well as higher level of confidence for facing the JEE Main 2013.

Click here for JEE Main 2013 demo sample paper

Click here for JEE Main 2013 Online Preparatory Course

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