ACET Result June 2014

ACET Result for June 2014 exam is out and you can check your result at Institute’s website

Many of Entranceindia users have successfully cleared the test. We congratulate to all our users who have cleared the test. We have received lots of feedback from students and going to publish them on our website.

Actuarial Common Entrance Test was conducted by the Institute of Actuaries of India through Online mode across various exam centres in India. The Institute of Actuaries of India have declared the ACET Result for June 2014 Exam on 26th June 2014 on its website The test was conducted on 13th and 14th June 2014 to shortlist the eligible candidates for admission into the Actuarial Science Professional Course through this test. Students can expect only their final result (Pass / Fail) and no marks or % secured information is declared by the institute. The test was conducted for total 100 marks and 55 questions covering the math and statistics syllabus. Click here for detailed ACET Syllabus.


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ACET Result for December 2014 Exam:

The result for December 2014 ACET exam is going to be declared on 18th December 2014. The Dec 2014 exam is scheduled to be held on 5th and 6th December for which the last date of registration is 24th October, 2014. Registration starts on 14th August, 2014.

Students desirous to take the test need to register at and collect study materials from the Institute of Actuaries of India. They should cover the study materials before attempting any model papers based on ACET Syllabus. Entranceindia has been providing model papers for ACET exam since January 2012, the first ACET exam in India. Since then many of our subscribers cleared the test through thorough practice and coverage of the whole syllabus meant for ACET exam. We will publish list of Entranceindia users who successfully cleared the ACET June 2014 exam after the declaration of the ACET Result.

ACET Sample Papers and Model Papers for Practice

Entranceindia released ACET Model Practice Papers for ACET Exam. The Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET) is known to be tough and considered as beginning of a well-paid career the Actuary. This entry level exam was started for the first time during January 2012 replacing the older system of direct entry into the Actuarial Science Course. This exam is conducted by the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI). This is a computerized test and students have to take the test in a computerized test centre. ACET Test Centres are available at major cities across India. The only eligibility condition for the test is having qualified 10+2 with English as a subject. The minimum age should be 18 years. There is no mandatory conditions as to mathematics and statistics as a subject in 10+2 level. However, students of mathematics and statistics find it easy taking up the test than students from other branches. Considering the difficulty levels, exam pattern, syllabus, availability of study materials and requirements of students from other branches of study, Entranceindia brought for the first time in India ACET Model Test Paper. Since its release many students have subscribed and benefited from our test series. We have 15+2 and 10+2 Model Papers option to subscribe and each model paper consists of 55 questions from both mathematics and statistics. Students can review their attempts for unlimited number of times with detailed solution to each question provided along with the model papers for practice.


  1.  There will be extra model(s) with each subscription covering questions on % mark up, mark down, profit & loss, age, date of birth, dividend distribution, retained earnings, etc.
  2. There will be probable model paper(s)  with each subscription to be released before the examination.

ACET Study Material

ACET Study Materials are made available by the Institute of Actuaries of India after registering for the ACET Test. The study materials cover both Mathematics and Statistics syllabus as prescribed by the Institute of Actuaries of India. When a student enrols for Actuarial Common Entrance Test, the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) provides study materials which regarded as enough and sufficient for ACET preparation. Beyond that students may refer to standard Mathematics and Statistics books containing similar syllabus as prescribed by the Institute.  

ACET DEMO Practice Paper

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ACET Syllabus

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The syllabus as mentioned in Actuaries India website as under:

1) Mathematics:
a) Notation and standard functions
b) Numerical Methods
c) Algebra
d) Differentiation
e) Integration
f) Vectors
g) Matrices

2) Statistics:
a) Permutations and combinations
b) Types of data
Statistical diagrams, bar chart, histogram, dot plot, stem-and-leaf, boxplot
c) Measures of location
mean, median, mode
d) Measures of spread
range, interquartile range, standard deviation, variance, Skewness
e) Probabilities
basic rules of probabilities
f) Advanced probabilities
tree diagrams, conditional probabilities
g) Discrete random variables
definitions, probabilities, mean, mode, median, standard deviation, variance, coefficient of skewness
h) Continuous random variables
definitions, probabilities, mean, mode, median, standard deviation, variance, coefficient of skewness
i) Discrete distributions
discrete uniform, Bernoulli, binomial, Poisson
j) Continuous distributions
continuous uniform, exponential, the normal distribution
k) Correlation
scatter plots, covariance, correlation coefficient
l) Regression

3) English:
a) Vocabulary Based (Synonyms Antonyms)
b) English Usage or Grammar
c) Sentence Correction
d) Fill in the blanks
e) Cloze Passage
f) Analogies or Reverse Analogies
g) Jumbled Paragraph
h) Meaning-Usage Match
i) Summary Questions
j) Verbal Reasoning
k) Facts / Inferences / Judgements
l) Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary: Vocabulary questions test the candidate’s knowledge of the primary meanings of words, secondary shades of meaning, usage, idioms and phrases, antonyms, related words, etc.

Grammar: Grammar-based questions test the candidate’s ability to spot and correct grammatical errors. It should generally tests knowledge of high school level grammar and includes areas like subject-verb agreement, use of modifiers, parellel construction, redundancy, phrasal verbs, use of articles, prepositions, etc.

Verbal Reasoning: Verbal reasoning questions are designed to test the candidate’s ability to identify relationships or patterns within groups of words or sentences.

4) Data Interpretation:
Data is given in form of tables, charts and graphs. In this section it is tested that how can you interpret the given data and answers the questions based on it.
a) Tables
b) Column Graphs
c) Bar Graphs
d) Line Charts
e) Pie Chart
f) Venn Diagrams
g) Caselets

(Combination of two or more types linked to each other.)

5) Logical Reasoning
a) Number and Letter Series
b) Calendars
c) Clocks
d) Cubes
e) Venn Diagrams
f) Binary Logic
g) Seating Arrangement
h) Logical Sequence
i) Logical Matching
j) Logical Connectives
k) Syllogism
l) Blood Relations

ACET DEMO Practice Paper

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ACET Online Practice Papers (10 Sets)
(10 Model Papers)

Rs. 1900
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