SRMJEEE Chemistry Achievers Course

SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination 2017 is one of the important engineering entrance tests in India. Our expert team designed this Chemistry Achievers comprehensive preparatory course for SRM Engineering Entrance keeping in mind the requirements of understanding the fundamental concepts rather than their ability to memorize the subject to replicate in the exam. To succeed, in our opinion, the student need to have a thorough understanding of the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and their ability to solve objective type questions with accuracy and speed. The course has been designed to focus on: Fundamental and Core Concepts Improving analytical skill for problem solving abilities, Gaining speed through intensive practice test. The design of the course enables sincere students to have a good grip over the subject Chemistry for exams like JEE Main, BITSAT, VITEEE and other similar exams. Our Chemistry Achievers course cultivates self confidence and develops an easy feel of the examination amongst the students. This package is a combination of chapter-wise tests and model tests based on SRMJEEE Chemistry syllabus.

SRMJEEE Chemistry Achievers Plan

  • This plan aims at providing Preparatory Practice Papers for Chemistry for all Class-XII Students appearing for SRM Engineering Entrance
  • The plan includes both Chapter-wise questions covering the whole SRMJEEE Chemistry syllabus and 10 model test papers exactly similar to the pattern of SRMJEEE Examination subject Chemistr
  • Each Chapter has 50 questions at three levels (level 1, 2 and revision test) based on their complexity. This helps students to step wise progress in their learning by going from less difficult to more difficult questions
  • The course is highly beneficial for the students attending coaching classes for engineering entrance tests because the chapter coverage and the model papers make them to practice many questions apart from classroom study
  • Our Chemistry Achievers Course is designed to help both SRMJEEE and Class XII preparation
  • This is intended to help students practice gradually to finish the whole Chemistry Syllabus (Both Class XI and XII) before commencement of their board exam and SRMJEEE Exam
  • SRMJEEE Chemistry Achievers Course provides you a strategy which can make you SRMJEEE winner