JEE Main Mock Test

JEE Main Mock Paper or Model Paper need to be practised by students appearing both online test as well as offline test. The Mock Tests are delivered on online mode where user has to log in to practice the test. The tests are available 24 X 7 and can be taken at the comfort of home any time desired by the students.

JEE Main 2015.

The advantages / objectives of JEE Main 2013 Online Test Series:.

  • Introduction to Online Environment as in the real JEE Main Online Exam

  • Customized approach to knowledge acquisition

  • Availability of courses without limitation of time and place. (24X7 availability at comfort of your home)

  • Frequent assessment tests have effect of forced learning & good memory effect

  • Immediate feedback / result without waiting time for result

  • Review answers immediately after the test

  • Just in time approach to assess and evaluate student’s progress

  • Access courses at your productive time in 24hrs of a day

  • Encourage rehearsal of test till performance level is 100%

  • Memorize through effective visual learning

  • Focus on one question at a time

  • Satisfaction and motivation after performing a test