JEE Main 2013 Online Preparatory Course

Boost your JEE Main 2013 Preparation with our Online Preparatory Course (OPC)

Entranceindia has released Online Preparatory Course for JEE Main 2013 Exam April 2013. This online preparatory course shall supplement your preparation for the exam with practice questions as per the prescribed syllabus.


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Salient Features of the Online Preparatory Course:

  • The questions and explanations are prepared by IITians, NITians and experts of national repute in the field of IIT JEE and AIEEE coaching.
  • The tests are designed to have the similar experience as under the real exam environment.
  • There are 36 Chapterwise Tests (12 Tests each for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), 4 Revision Tests and 10 Full Syllabus Model Tests (Total 50 Tests).
  • There are 1530 questions covering the entire syllabus for JEE Main with questions of two levels of difficulty.
  • The test dates are scheduled to be released on a particular date after which it is available for attempt and review.
  • Each Chapter Practice Test (CPT) consists of 3 tests (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics ) of 20 questions each.
  • After every three Chapter Practice Tests (CPTs) there shall be one Revision Practice Test (RPT) which shall consist of 90 questions in total from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for chapters already covered.
  • Time limit for each level test is set at 90 minutes. Each Revision Practice Test (RPT) and Full Syllabus Test shall have 3 Hours to complete the test.
  • Full syllabus tests shall consist of 90 questions covering the whole syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  •  Detailed easy to follow solutions provided for each question.
  •  Each correct response carries 4 marks and negative marking set at 25% for each incorrect response.
  •  Free 10 Previous Year Question Papers of AIEEE Practice with this subscription


  • Free 500+ Memory Flashcards to memorize and revise important concepts, theorems, formulas, laws, rules, reactions, etc.

  • 24X7 Immediate Activation on payment 

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Schedule for Online Preparatory Course and Syllabus Coverage





Date of Release

CPT(1)Level 1      Level 2 Physical world and measurement, vectors, kinematics, laws of motion Basic Concepts in Chemistry(Mole Concept, Empirical and Molecular Formulae, Stoichiometry), Atomic Structure, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Set, Relations, Function,Logarithm, Sequence and Series Available Now
CPT(2)       Level 1      Level 2 Friction, circular motion, Projectile motion Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry,(Nomenclature and Isomerism), Hydrocarbons Limit, Continuity,Differentiation 29.11.2012Thursday
CPT(3)       Level 1      Level 2 work  power energy, gravitation Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Equilibrium Trigonometry, Matrices 13.12.2012Thursday
RPT- 1 CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3 CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3 CPT – 1, CPT – 2, CPT – 3 27.12.2012Thursday
CPT(4)Level 1      Level 2 electrostatics and capacitance Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistryd and f-block elements Application of Derivative, Determinant 03.01.2013Thursday
CPT(5)      Level 1      Level 2 Magnetic effects of current, magnetic properties of materials s-block elements, p-block elements Point, Straight line, Circle 10.01.2013Thursday
CPT(6)      Level 1      Level 2 Rotational motion and moment of inertia, current electricity Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry Differentiability, Quadratic Equation, Mathematical Reasoning 17.01.2013Thursday
RPT- 2 CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6 CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6 CPT – 4, CPT – 5, CPT – 6 24.01.2013Thursday
CPT(7)      Level 1        Level 2 Properties of solids and liquids, ray and wave optics Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry Conic Section, Binomial Theorem 31.01.2013Thursday
CPT(8)      Level 1      Level 2 Kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics and heat transfer Electrochemistry and Redox Reaction, Isolation of Metals, Hydrogen Indefinite and Definite Integration 07.02.2013Thursday
CPT(9)      Level 1      Level 2 electromagnetic induction, alternating current  States of Matter(Gas, Solid, Liquid), Solutions Permutations and Combinations, Probability 14.02.2013Thursday
RPT- 3 CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9 CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9 CPT – 7, CPT – 8, CPT – 9 21.02.2013Thursday
CPT(10) Simple harmonic motion, wave motion Organic Compounds containing Halogens, Alcohol and Ethers, Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 3D, Vector 28.02.2013Thursday
CPT(11) Level 1      Level 2 Atomic physics, nuclear physics, electronic devices Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids Statistics, Height and Distance 07.03.2013Thursday
CPT(12) Level 1      Level 2 Electromagnetic waves, communications, experiments Environmental Chemistry, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Principles related to Practical Chemistry Area under the Curve, Differential Equation 14.03.2013Thursday
RPT- 4 CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT –12 CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT – 12 CPT – 10, CPT – 11, CPT – 12 14.03.2013Thursday


Attempts Allowed: 5 attempts and unlimited reviews allowed till conclusion of JEE Advanced Exam.Note:

  • Course valid till conclusion of JEE Advanced Exam (2nd June 2013)

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