All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2012 Question Paper

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Sainik School Entrance Exam, 2012


Paper-I Mathematics and Language

Part-A : Mathematics


1. Write the smallest and greatest five digit numbers using 5, 0, 3, 7 and 4.

2. Find the product of 7765 and 137.

3. Find lowest common multiple of 2, 4 and 5.

4. Find the value of 

5. Find the sum of 

6. A lawn tennis match starts at 9 : 15 am and finishes at 4 : 10 pm. Find the duration of the match.

7. Convert 2222 hours into days and hours.

8. Which of the following can be the angles of a triangle?

(a) 90°, 70°, 20°

(b) 105°, 35°, 40°

9. Simplify :

10. Find the radius of a circle whose circumference is 79.2 cm. Given that π = 22/7.


11. State True or False:

(a) The sum of four angles of a quadrilateral is 360°.

(b) A line segment has one end point.

(c) Every natural number is whole number.

12. Find the interval between 7.25 AM and 3.10 PM.

13. If the average of 14, 17, 21, 24, 26 and X is 20, then find the value of X.

14. Jubaida took a loan of Rs. 4000/- on 12% annual interest. After 3 years how much money she will have to return?

15. Add 3 hours 50 minutes 55 seconds to 4 hours 55 minutes 30 seconds.

16. A carpet is 5m.50cm. long and 3m.5m. broad. The carpet is surrounded by a lace. Find the length of the lace.

17. John plans to tile his kitchen floor with square tiles. Each side of the tile is 10 cm. His kitchen is 2.2 m long and 1.8 m wide. How may tiles will John need?

18. A pond is 5 m long, 4 m wide and 2.5 m deep. How much water does it contain?

19. A shopkeeper earns a profit of Rs. 80 by selling an article for Rs. 490. Find the cost price of the article.

20. The circumference of a circle is 22 cm. Find the radius of the circle.


21. Ashok got 366 marks out of 600 and Brij Mohan got 300 marks out of 500. Whose score is better. Also find their per cent of marks.

22. Solve

(a) 25.43 × 4.61

(b) 526.880 ÷ 3.2

23. Arrange the following fraction is descending order:

5/8, 5/6, 2/7, 1/4, 1/2, 1/3.

24. Find out perimeter and area of the given diagram.

25. A, B and C have a total Rs. 4,600/-. The ratio of the money between B and C is 3:5. If share of A is Rs. 1,400/- then find shares of B and C. Whose share is minimum?

26. In a class the height of 6 students are 162 cm, 170 cm, 158 cm, 160 cm, 170 cm and 165 cm, respectively. Find the average of their height. How many students are having more than average height?

27. Average of 9 numbers is 24. If the average of first 5 numbers is 23 and that of the last 5 is 26, find the fifth number.

28. Capacity of two types of containers is 6.5 litres and 9.5 litres, respectively, How much oil will be required to fill 6 tins of first type and 8 tins of second type of containers?

29. A swimming pool of 90 m. length and 60 m. breadth is to be laid with tiles of length 30 cm. and breadth 20 cm. Find the number of tiles required. Also find the total cost of 100 tiles is Rs. 525.

30. How many stones of 0.50 m2 can be fixed in a court yard of length 15 m and width 10 m. If cost of fixing one stone is Rs. 2.50, what will be the expenditure on fixing stones in the courtyard?

Part-B : Language

1. Write an essay in 15 sentences on any one of the following topics:

(a) A visit to Zoo

(b) My Favourite Sport

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions:

My own recollection is that I h ad not any  high regard for my ability. I used to be surprised whenever I won prizes and scholarships. But I very jealously guarded my character. The least little blame drew tears from my eyes. When I merited, or seemed to the teacher to merit, a scolding, it was  unbearable for me. I remember having once received physical punishment. I did not so much mind the punishment, as the fact I considered it as my dessert. I wept piteously. That was when I was in the first or second standard   (M.K. Gandhi)

(a) What kind of regard did M.K. Gandhi has for his ability?

(b) How did M.K. Gandhi guard his character?

(c) What was unbearable for him?

(d) What did M.K. Gandhi do when once he received physical punishment?

(e) In which class was he studying at that time?

3. Make a sentence of your own for each underlined word given in the following passage. (Do not copy any sentence from the given paragraph):

The next evening, my mother told me that she had spotted another egg. Wonderful news! This meant we had a regular visitor. I have always longed for a pet, now I was lucky to own one! The next evening I noticed another egg and I was sure of our friend’s intentions. She had decided to make our roof her home! The following day was the most memorable – there were four eggs.

(a) ………………………………………………….

(b) ………………………………………………….

(c) ………………………………………………….

(d) ………………………………………………….

(e) ………………………………………………….

4. Form meaningful sentences by rearranging the words in proper order-

(a) Go/shall/tomorrow/we/picnic/for

(b) to/your/school?/do/how/go

(c) mistake/for the /his/teacher/boy/punished

(d) plants/the/is/gardener/watering/the

(e) book? /which/your/is/favourite.

5. Use each of the following words in separate sentences of your own to show the difference in the meaning of the pairs given below:

(a) Write, Right

(b) Steel, Steal

(c) Two, Too

(d) Sheet, Seat

(e) Rain, Reign

6. Change each of the following as directed:

(a) Without effort nothing can be gained. (Change into Interrogative)

(b) By this time tomorrow I shall have reached home. (Change into Negative)

(c) The moonlight very sweetly sleeps upon this bank. (Change into Exclamatory)

(d) If only I had a good horse! (Change into Assertive)

(e) Shall I ever forget those happy days? (Change into Assertive)

7. Fill in the blanks by using the correct form of verb given in bracket:

(a) He ………….. a letter to his father  yesterday. (Write)

(b) The cat ………. on the rug. (Sleep)

(c) Cocks …………… in the morning. (Crow)

(d) I have already …………. my application to the Principal.  (Send)

(e) The Moon ………. early last night. (Rise)

8. Choose the correct article (a, an or the) and fill in the blanks.

(a) He is ………. honourable member of the society.

(b) He looks as stupid as ……….. owl.

(c) Let us discuss …….. matter seriously.

(d) Yesterday ………….. European came to visit our school.

(e) You are …………… fool to say that.

9. Write antonyms of the following words :

(a) Young                     …………….

(b) Warm                    …………….

(c) Comfort                  …………….

(d) Happy                   …………….

(e) Big                          …………….

Paper-II : Intelligence Test

Directions (Qs. 1 to 10): For each of the following questions, four words have been given of which three are alike in someway and one is different. Find the odd word.

1. (a) Blue (b) Red

(c) Yellow     (d) Dark

2. (a) Writer (b) Actor

(c) Singer       (d) Dancer

3. (a) Cactus (b) Rose

(c) Lotus        (d) Sunflower

4. (a) Football (b) Cricket

(c) Chess       (d) Hockey

5. (a) Sun (b) Moon

(c) Venus       (d) Earth

6. (a) Microphone (b) Microscope

(c) Spectacles      (d) Telescope

7. (a) Artery (b) Ventricle

(c) Pharynx   (d) Aorta

8. (a) Diamond (b) Ruby

(c) Emerald   (d) Turquoise

9. (a) Crimson (b) Scarlet

(c) Vermilion (d) Cardinal

10. (a) Swim   (b) Run

(c) Anticipate  (d) Dance

Directions (Qs. 11 to 15): In the following questions, numbers given in four out of the five alternatives have same relationship. You have to choose the one which does not belong to the group.

11. (a) 4 (b) 8

(c) 16   (d) 9

(e) 25

12. (a) 125 (b) 216

(c) 27   (d) 121

(e) 1

13. (a) 43 (b) 53

(c) 63   (d) 73

(e) 83

14. (a) 26 (b) 124

(c) 728 (d) 64

(e) 83

15. (a) 22 : 8 (b) 24 : 20

(c) 32 : 15      (d) 14 : 17

(e) 91 : 82

Directions (Qs. 16 to 20): In each of the questions below, find out the correct answer from the given alternatives.

16. If in a certain language DISPEL is coded as IDPSLE, how is EFFECT coded in that language?

(a)   FEEFTC

(b)   CTFEEF

(c)   EFFETC

(d)   ECTEFF

17. If in a certain language HUNTER is coded as UHNTRE, how is MANAGE coded in that code?

(a)   MAANGE

(b)   MNAAEG

(c)   AMNAEG

(d)   EGNAAM

18. If RAMAYANA is coded as AMARANAY, how is TULSIDAS written?





19. If CANOE is coded as IFRRG, how is MUSIC written in that code?

(a)   NWVNI

(b)   MWVMH

(c)   NTULB

(d)   SZWLE

20. If HOBBY is coded as IOBY and LOBBY is coded as MOBY; then BOBBY is coded as

(a)   BOBY

(b)   COBY

(c)   DOBY

(d)   OOBY

Directions (Qs. 21 to 25) : Write next four letters to complete the series.


22. CCOXCOXC…. .




Directions (Qs. 26 to 30): Complete the following series.

26. 5, 10, 13, 26, 29, 58, 61, ?

27. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, ?, 17

28. 2, 9, 28, 65, 126, ?

29. 2, 9, 28, 65, 126, ?

30. 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, ?

Directions (Qs. 31 to 35): Each of the following questions consist of problem figures followed by answer figures. Select a figure from amongst the answer figures which will continue the same series or pattern as established by the problem figures.


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 

Directions (Qs. 36 to 40): The second figure in the first unit of the Problem Figures bears a certain relationship to the first figure. Similarly, one of the figures in the Answer Figures bears the same relationship to the first figure in the second unit of the Problem Figures. Locate the figure which would fit the question mark.


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)   (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 


(a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

Directions (Qs. 41 to 45) : In each of the following questions one of the figures is different from the rest. Spot the figure.

41. (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

42. (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

43. (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

44. (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

45. (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

Directions (Qs. 46 to 50): In each question, which one of the alternative figures will complete the given figure pattern?

46. Pattern 

Alternative figures

(a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 


Alternative figures

(a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 


Alternative figures

(a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

49. Pattern 

Alternative figures

(a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 

50. Pattern 

Alternative figures

(a)  (b)  (c)  (d)