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Engineering Exams Calendar 2014


Engineering Exam Calendar 2014
ExamApplication Date & ModeExam Date & ModeResult & Counselling
JEE MainMode: onlineStart date: 15-Nov-2013End Date: 26-Dec-2013Exam Mode: offlineExam date: 06-Apr-2014Result Date: 03-May-2014Exam Mode: online

Exam date: 09-Apr-2014

Result Date: Will be Announced Later

JEE AdvancedMode: onlineStart date: 04-May-2014End Date: 09-May-2014Exam Mode: offlineExam date: 25-May-2014Result Date: 19-Jun-2014Date: 20-Jun-2014
VITEEEMode: online-offlineStart date: N.A.End Date: N.A.Exam Mode: onlineExam date: 09-Apr-2014Result Date: Will be Announced Later
AMRITAMode: online-offlineStart date: 16-Dec-2013End Date: 01-Apr-2014Exam Mode: offlineExam date: 13-Apr-2014Result Date: Will be Announced LaterMode: offlineDate: N.A.
BITSATMode: onlineStart date: 14-Dec-2012End Date: 15-Feb-2013Exam Mode: onlineExam date: 14-May-2013Result Date: 19-May-2013


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