AIPGMEE 2016 Examination Centres

AIPGMEE 2016 Examination Centres7.1 The list of various cities where Examination centres are located is as under:

S. No.


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New Delhi






Greater Noida














Bardoli (Surat)

















AIPGMEE 2016 Frequently Asked Questions

AIPGMEE 2016 Frequently Asked QuestionsQ.No. 1 What is the process of online allotment?
a. Main Counseling Registration
b. Exercising of Choices, indicative seats and Locking of choices
c. Process of Seat Allotment – Round 1
d. Round 1 Result Publication
e. Reporting at the allotted Medical College against 1st Round
f. Process of Seat Allotment -Round 2
g. Round 2 Result Publication
h. Reporting at the allotted Medical Colleges against Round 2
i. Publication of net vacant seats
j. Fresh Choice Submission by all eligible candidates for round 3
k. Process of Seat Allotment – Round 3
l. Round 3 Result Publication
m. Reporting at the Medical Colleges /Institutions against Round 3

Q.No. 2 When will online allotment process for the current year start ?
Ans. The date of Online Allotment process will be declared in due course of time on the websites of Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Please keep visiting the sites frequently for latest updates and notices.

Q.No.3 Do I have to report to any counseling centre for registration or choice filling?
Ans: No. Online registration and choice filling can be done from place of convenience (including from home) using internet.

Q.No.4 If any problem in my registration process who should I contact?
Ans: You will be required to fill up some of the information that you have given on your application form, and submitted to NBE, New Delhi along with admit cards AIPGMEE.

Q.No. 5 What information do I require for online registration for the counseling?
Ans: Please note that you will be asked to fill some of the information (we are not showing it here for security reasons) that you have given on your application form, admit card of examination during online registration and provided by the examination conducting agency therefore keep copy of your application form and admit cards ready for reference.
Please note that on registration window of online allotment process, you have to fill in exactly same spelling, numbers etc as you have filled in your application form.

Q.No. 6 How do I get password for logging in?
Ans: During the process of online registration you will generate your own password.
Candidates are advised to keep the password that they have created, confidential to them till the end of the counseling process. They can change the password after creating. Password is very important for participating in online allotment process.
Sharing of password can result in its misuse by somebody else, leading to even exclusion of genuine candidate from online allotment process.

Q.No. 7 How much time will I be given to join the allotted course?
Ans: Candidates allotted seats will be required to join the allotted college/course within stipulated time from the date of allotment as mentioned in the schedule. However, candidates are advised to join as early as possible and not to wait for last day of joining, due to different schedule of holiday / working hours in various Medical Colleges, also keeping in view that Medical colleges will have to furnish information about joining / non-joining online to Medical Counseling Committee.

Q.No. 8 What documents are required at the time of counseling?
Ans: Since it is online allotment (Online Counseling) process, no documents will be required for participating in online allotment process.

Q.No. 9 What documents are required at the time of joining in allotted Medical College?
Ans: Original document for admission to Post-graduate medical courses for admission to 50% of total seats on all-India basis required at the time of joining in allotted Medical College are as mentioned below.
(i) Admit Card issued by NBE.
(ii) Result/ Rank letter issued by NBE.
(iii) Mark Sheets of MBBS 1st, 2nd and 3rd Professional Examinations.
(iv) MBBS Degree Certificate.
(v) Internship Completion Certificate/Certificate from the Head of Institution or College that the candidate will be completing the Internship by 31st March of year of admission.
(vi) Permanent/Provisional Registration Certificate issued by MCI /State Medical Council.
(vii) High School/Higher Secondary Certificate/Birth Certificate in proof of date or birth.
(viii) Proof of Identity (as applicable for NBE test centre)
(ix) The Candidate should also bring the following certificate, if applicable :
(a) SC/ST Certificate issued by the competent authority (in the format as specified in the prospectus) and should be in English or Hindi language. Sub caste should be clearly mentioned in the certificate.
(b) OBC certificate issued by the competent authority. The sub-caste should tally with the Central List of OBC. The OBC candidates should not belong to Creamy Layer. The OBC certificate must be in the format as mentioned in the prospectus.
(c) Orthopedic Physical Disability Certificate issued from a duly constituted and authorized Medical Boards. No other PH certificate, issued by any other Authorities / Hospital will be entertained

Q.No. 10 Will I require Original documents to get the admission at the allotted college?
Ans: Yes, candidates without original certificates/documents shall not be allowed to take admission in allotted Medical College.

Q.No. 11 Can I get the admission on production of the receipt stating that the documents is deposited with other College/University?
Ans: No, candidates who have deposited their original documents with any other Institutes/ Colleges/Universities and come for admission with a certificate stating that “their original certificates are deposited with the Institute/College/University” will not be allowed to take admission in allotted Medical College.

Q.No. 12 What are the instructions regarding OBC, SC, ST and PH certificates?
Ans: Please read Information Bulletin’s Reservation Policy for 50% All India Quota for admission to post-graduate medical courses for admission to 50% of total PG seats on all-India basis carefully. The certificate requirements are mentioned in prospectus along with format. The certificate as mentioned in the prospectus only will be acceptable. Candidates are requested to read prospectus and instructions regarding Caste and Physical Handicap (PH) Certificate carefully. In case the candidate fail to produce proper Caste (and PH, if applicable) certificate at allotted Medical College then he/she will not be permitted to join the allotted Medical College and his/her category will be changed, if otherwise eligible.
The qualified loco-motor disabled candidates should get themselves certified at one of the under mentioned Disability Assessment Boards, constituted at the four metro- cities:
(i) Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjang Hospital, Ansari Nagar, (Ring Road), New Delhi-110029.
(ii) All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hazi Ali, Park, K. Khadya Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400 034.
(iii) Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, 244, Archarya J.C.Bose Marg, Kolkata-20.
(iv) Madras Medical College, Park Town, Chennai-600003.
The Locomotor Disabled (LD) candidates are required to bring their treatment papers related to their disability, including the investigation reports, at the time of reporting to the above mentioned designated institute for such disability certificate.
The Locomotor Disabled (LD) Candidates are required to mention their PH sub-category in the following manner while registering for the On-line counseling.
PH – 1 Candidates with locomotor disability of lower limbs from 50% to 70%
{Certified by one of the Disability Assessment Boards constituted at 4 metro cities}.
PH – 2 Candidates with locomotor disability of lower limbs between 40% to less than 50%
{Certified by one of the Disability Assessment Boards constituted at 4 metro cities}.
Reference: MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA, “Postgraduate Medical Education
Regulations, 2000”, (MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA AMENDMENT NOTIFICATION dated the 21st December, 2010), MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA, Pocket – 14, Sector 8, Dwarka, NEW DELHI – 110 077.

Q.No. 13 Is there any restriction for filling up number of choices of Institutions (Colleges) or subjects in choice filling form?
Ans: No, you can give as many choices as you wish. However choices should be in order of preference.

Q.No.14 Can I have some idea about the seat I am likely to get at my rank?
Ans: You can have some idea by
a. Please log on to / website – from home page go to medical counseling – open post-Graduate counseling (for previous years) – open composite allotment list. From the information that you will see, you get some idea of pattern in previous year(s). This will only be indicative (without any guarantee for the current year).
b. Processing of Mock Counseling Result and publishing of Indicative Seat Allotment During Mock Counseling, choices submitted by the candidates will be processed twice during the counseling period (Registration) and indicative seat that is likely available at that point of time would be displayed. This indication helps the candidate to refine the selection of choices in a more effective and efficient manner. Indicative allotment of seat (Mock allotment), will be shown twice on notified dates (will be notified on this website). The result will be made available on the next day. In case no indicative seat is shown allotted to you, this
indicates that none of the choices submitted by you were available at your rank. Hence you should modify your list of choices as per your rank.

Q.No.15 Is it necessary to fill up the choices and lock the choices to get seat allotted? Or I will be allotted seat automatically from available seats?
Ans: After online registration (registration is compulsory to take part in online allotment process), you have to fill in choice of subjects and Institutions/colleges in order of preference. Once choice is filled in, it can be modified before locking it. During the
choice locking period it is necessary to lock the choices to get a print of your submitted choices. If candidate does not lock the choice submitted by him/her, submitted choices by him/her will be automatically locked at 5.00PM of the last day of last date of choice locking, however you will be allowed to take a print of your choices after that but you will not be permitted to modify your choices.

If you do not register and fill in any choice, you will not be allotted any seat.
If you register but do not fill any choices, you will not be allotted any seat.
However, the candidates are advised not to wait till the last minute to lock your choices and to take a printout. Please go through your submitted choices before locking as once you lock the choices those cannot be modified or changed even if you have made a mistake. Mistake in filling choices may result in allotment of a seat which you never wanted.

Q.No. 16 Is it necessary to join allotted Medical College to get chance to participate in next round (2nd/3rd round)?
Ans: Yes, in case a seat is allotted, candidate is required to join allotted institution/ college and complete the admission formalities then only that candidate can exercise option to participate in next round(s).

Q.No. 17 Some new post-graduate seats are created (increase in PG seats) but intimated to the MCC after start of online counseling, will they be included and when?
Ans: Newly created seats that could not be included in first round (and second round) due to non-reporting / late reporting/ reporting after start of first round of online allotment process will be included only in third round on receiving information
from participating Medical Colleges before the start of third round (publication of the seat matrix for third round).

Q.No. 18 What is second round of online allotment process?
Ans: Second round of online allotment process is up-gradation of choice.
2nd round of seat allotment
There is no fresh registration of candidates and choice submission in 2nd round of counseling. Choices of main counseling (submitted before first round allotment) will be considered in this round of allotment.
Who are eligible for 2nd Round of allotment?
Candidates eligible for seat allotment in 2nd round would be from one of the following groups:
Group-I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the 1 round.
Group-II: Registered candidates, whose 1 round of allotted Seat Cancelled during the document verification on reporting for admission, who have secured seat under reserved quota, due to change of Category from reserved to Unreserved or PH status from Yes to No, but are still eligible in the next round of seat allotment, with changed Category.
Group-III: Candidates who have reported at allotted institute after 1 round of allotment and submitted willingness for second round up-gradation as Yes.
Who are not eligible for 2nd Round of allotment?
• Not reported at Allotted Institute after seat allotment in 1st round
• Reported & Withdrawn from counseling at Allotted Institute.
• Became non-eligible due to change of category.
• Candidates who have not opted for up-gradation.

Q.No. 19 What is third round of online allotment process?
Ans: Third round of online allotment will be conducted for the candidates who have submitted their option for participation in third round and for those who were registered and submitted choices before first round but not allotted seats as per procedure given below:
3rd round of Counseling:
Fresh set of seats gets added to the system, if any, which is due to latest approvals of MCI. Further, the conversion of seats is being carried out during the third round of seat allotment and accordingly, the candidates are required to be shown all choices which are against vacant, newly added seats, virtual vacancies which are likely to get vacated during up-gradation and also during the conversion of seats as per the following algorithm:
ST (PH) -> ST
SC (PH) -> SC
UR (PH) -> UR
ST -> SC
The choices of candidates, who have submitted option for participation in the third round during the reporting period for the first / second round seat allotment, would be initialized, and are required to submit fresh choices online during the time the window is open for the same. All eligible candidates who desire to take part in third round of online allotment will have to submit fresh choice during choice submission period and lock the choices during period of locking.
There will not be any indicative allotment in 3rd round of allotment, locked choices of the candidates would be processed and result will be published. Those candidates, who could not submit fresh choices for the third round counseling, would not be considered.
Who are eligible for 3rd Round of allotment:
All candidates interested in participation in the third round counseling are required to submit fresh choices, without which they would not be considered.
Group–I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the 1 or 2nd round of seat allotment and are required to submit fresh choices as per the vacancies shown.
Group-II: Registered candidates, whose 2 round of allotted Seat Cancelled during the document verification on reporting for admission, who have secured seat under reserved quota, due to change of Category from reserved to Unreserved or PH status from Yes to No, but they would still be eligible in the next round of seat allotment, with changed criteria, provided they submit fresh choices, subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions.
Group-III: Candidates who have given option for participation in 3rd round at the time of 1st and/or 2nd round reporting at allotted institutions.
Who are not eligible for 3rd Round of allotment?
Not reported at Allotted Institute after seat allotment in either 1st or 2nd rounds
Reported & Withdrawn/resigned from seat at the Allotted Institute.
• Became non-eligible due to change of category during document verification
• Candidates who have not completed the admission process at the allotted college of Round 1/2
• Candidate who has not given option for third round at the time of taking admission.
• Candidate who does not give fresh choices in 3rd round.
• Who did not register for online allotment of seat before first round of counseling.

Q.No. 20 Do I have to fill in choice of subject and College to participate in second round of online allotment process?
Ans: No. For second round, candidates are not required to submit fresh choice. During the second round of online allotment process, the choice of higher preference will be upgraded for those candidates who give option to upgrade their choice at the
time of admission at allotted Medical College.

Q.No. 21 Do I have to fill in fresh choice of subjects and Colleges to participate in third round of online allotment process?
Ans: Yes. All candidates who desire to take part in third round will have to submit fresh choices before third round. Please see details in answer to question number (Q.No.) 17 above.

Q.No. 22 If there is not sufficient number of qualified PH candidates, what will happen to those un-allotted PG seats, reserved for PH candidates?
Ans: The un-allotted PG seats earmarked for UR-PH, SC-PH, ST-PH and OBC- PH will be reverted to respective categories like SC-PH to SC and so on, during the third round of allotment process after processing choices to PH category candidates in third round.

Q.No. 23 If I give consent for up-gradation of my choice during second round and if my choice is upgraded, is it necessary to join at college allotted during second round? Or in case I change my decision of upgrading choice, can I continue to study in college allotted through first round of allotment?
Ans: In case candidate is allotted seat during the second round of allotment process (choice is up-graded), the seat allotted during the first round will be automatically cancelled immediately (and allotted to somebody else) and candidate will have to join the college/seat allotted during second round. If candidate does not join the college/seat allotted during the second round, with in stipulated time, as per schedule, from the date of allotment candidate will forfeit his/her allotted seat and will not be considered for subsequent rounds of seat allotment. Seat can also be up-graded in the same college by change of category (i.e. ST/SC/OBC to UR) in such a case the candidate has to take fresh admission on the upgraded seat.

Q.No. 24 While joining college allotted through first round if I don’t want upgradation of choice, but want to keep option to fill choice before third round for newly added/vacant PG seat, is it possible?
Ans: Yes. For this candidate is required to exercise the option at the time of joining the institution/college.

Q.No. 25 If I give option to participate in third round at the time of joining college from first / second round allotment, but later change my decision and want to continue study at already allotted Medical College, what is the procedure to avoid change (cancellation) of already allotted college/seat?
Ans: If a candidate does not submit choice during the choice submission period before the third round of counseling, such a candidate will retain the already allotted seat.

Q.No. 26 If I forget my password that I have created during the process of registration, how to retrieve it.
Ans: To retrieve the forgotten password, system facilitates the following process:
The candidate is required to enter the information that he/she filled at the time of registration and then security question & answer thereon to be entered as given during New Candidate registration process. The above data submitted by candidate will be validated with the registered candidates’ database. If the above entries match, then only the candidate would be permitted to enter new password to proceed further.
Candidates are advised to remember the password and also retain their application form and admit cards printout ready till completion of admission process. It is not possible for MCC/NIC to retrieve such password.

Q.No. 27 In case I have Birth Certificate / Caste Certificate/ other certificate(s) in regional language, will it be acceptable at the time of reporting?
Ans: Certificates issued by the competent authority should be in English or Hindi language. Please remember that some of the states insist for certificate in English language only. Candidates are advised to carry Certified Copy of English version of the original certificate, in case certificate issued is in other than English language along with original certificate.

Q.No. 28 If there is discrepancy in spelling of name in documents and application form, what do I do?
Ans: If there is discrepancy in spelling of name in documents candidate must carry proof that the documents belongs to same person, in the form of an affidavit.

Q.No. 29 Can I get prospectus of AIPGMEE 2016 for admission to post-graduate Medical courses for admission to 50% of total seats on all-India basis?
Ans: Copy of prospectus is available on NBE website for Medical seats.

Q.No. 30 What about condition of Stipend / fee structure / course duration / bond amount / rendering of service in rural / tribal area/ other conditionalities.
Ans: Stipend /fee structure/ course duration / bond amount / rendering of service in rural / tribal area/ other conditions etc. may vary from State to State and Institute to Institute. Some seats may be approved/ permitted but not yet recognised by MCI.
The allotment made through online allotment process will be firm and final as per Hon’ble Supreme Court’s guidelines. Therefore, the candidates should well examine these points before opting for a seat at a medical college. The Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) shall neither be responsible nor shall entertain any case on above grounds, if any. The information received from various participating Medical Colleges will be made available on Ministry of Health & Family Welfare website (under the Medical Counseling -Post-graduate Counseling – Information about college, fee, bond information etc.) before commencement of 50% All India PG Counseling. Candidates are also advised to visit the website of college/ institution to check the information. In case they require any additional information, they can contact the college / institution on telephone.

Q.No. 31 How to use registration and Choice filling form on website?
Ans: Candidates will have to log on to website to get registered (Registration facility will open on due date as per the Counseling schedule) and then fill in choices. It is advised that after going through the seat matrix, a tentative list may be prepared first as per your preference of subjects and colleges, before attempting to fill choices on-line.

Q.No. 32 What is indicative seat allotment (mock counseling result)?
Ans: Indicative seat allotment is the seat available for allotment to candidate at the time of processing of data by computer from choices submitted by the particular candidate. The indicative seat is to facilitate candidates to change, add or delete choices. The indicative seat allotted shown on these dates does not guarantee that the same seat will be allotted finally (during first round in present case).

Q.No. 33 Difficulty in login, what may be the problem(s)?
Ans: Please read User manual for the candidates. Follow the instructions about use of browser (Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer-6 or above), use of same spellings, same format of date (Use digits for day, month and year with-in between) as in
application form submitted to NBE New Delhi. The internet connection should be uninterrupted. If internet connection interruption takes place, the IP address which is being monitored will change and session expired message will be displayed. Please try to login from other computer from which other candidate(s) has logged in successfully, if possible.

Q.No. 34 I have difficulty in Creating Password, what may be the problem(s)?
Ans: Creation of password should be as per password policy. Please follow the password policy. Please use the internet browser as suggested in user manual, as it is difficult to login from some of the other browsers. While creating password avoid using Caps Lock key, instead of Caps Lock use shift key.

Q.No. 35 When I try to login for choice filling/ submission, It say wrong roll number/ password, what may be problem(s)?
Ans: This can happen if Roll Number/Testing ID typed is incorrect or password typed is incorrect. Password is case sensitive, therefore use password which was created by user exactly same as typed while creating. In case password is forgotten, try to
generate new password by using security question and its answer.

Q.No. 36 What are the guidelines for fresh choice filling before third round of online allotment process?
Ans: Please remember that if any seat is allotted from the choice filled in by the candidate for 3rd Round of counseling the seat allotted during 1st / 2nd round will be automatically cancelled. Therefore, the candidates are advised to fill in choice carefully for seats which are of higher preference than the earlier allotted seat. Candidates are not required to give the already allotted seat in their choices.

Q.No. 37 Can I modify my choices during the period of exercising and locking?
Ans: Yes, you can modify, add or delete your choices during this period, before you lock your choices. However, the registration (of New Users) will not be permitted in this period of time.

Q.No. 38 I have not locked my choices before 5.00 PM on final day of locking, what will happen to my choices?
Ans: The system will automatically lock only saved choices of the candidate at 5.00 PM of the final day of locking, automatically.

Q.No. 39 How can I get print out of my choices which system has locked?
Ans: After 5.00 PM of the final day (or after choice locking) till beginning of choice filling for the third round of counseling print out can be taken from MCC website after login by the Candidate, link is available on the left hand side of the page as “Print
Lock Choice”. Similarly, print out of locked choices for third round can be taken from time of Choice Locking till end of PG counseling.

Q.No. 40 If I opt to participate in third round of counseling whether my allotted seat (of first/second round) will be cancelled?
Ans: In case you are not allotted any seat in the third round you will retain earlier allotted seat. However, on allotment of a seat in third round the earlier allotted seat will automatically be cancelled and allotted to another candidate.
The candidate will not be able to claim the allotted seat to him/her in Round 1/2, once new seat in Round 3 have been allotted to him/her.
Therefore you are advised to fill in only higher choices or any other choice which you prefer over the earlier allotted seat, for third round.

Q.No. 41 If I get an up-graded seat during second/ third round can I join that college directly?
Ans: No, you will have to get a relieving letter from the earlier institute/ college generated on-line, before you can join the next college / institution.

Q.No. 42 In case I get an upgraded seat but in the same college, because of change of category, (e.g. from SC / ST / OBC to UR category) do I have to take admission on the allotted seat again?
Ans: Yes, you have to get a relieving letter generated on-line for the earlier seat and  then get an admission letter again generated on-line for the upgraded category seat from the concerned institution; otherwise your seat would be cancelled and allotted to another candidate or surrendered to state quota.

Q.No. 43 Can I know which of the seats are recognized or permitted by the MCI?
Ans: You may refer the MCI website or website for this.

Q.No. 44 What are anticipated / virtual vacancies shown during third round?
Ans.: Virtual vacancies/anticipated vacancies are those seats which are presently occupied by the candidates who have given option for the third round. They will only be available in case that candidate is upgraded to another seat in third round. Once the virtual/ tentative vacancies are actually vacated these seats would again be distributed as per the rank of the candidates. These seats would also include any seat which is likely to be converted to other category as per the policy of conversion.

Q.No. 45 At the time of admission will my original certificates be retained by the institution?
Ans.: Yes, all the institutions have been instructed to retain original certificates of admitted students and release them only on up-gradation of the seat or resignation by the candidate.


1. Is there a new testing format for AIPGMEE 2016?
Yes, starting from the November 2013 administration, the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination has changed from a paper and pencil test to a computer-based test (CBT). This is not an Internet-based test, i.e. a candidate does not take the test over the Internet. Instead of reading the questions from a paper booklet and darkening the ovals in an answer sheet, a candidate will now read the questions on a computer screen and choose an answer by using a mouse to click on the appropriate option.
2. How is the computer-based format different from the paper and pencil format?
The only difference is in the way the questions are presented, and how responses are recorded.
3. What does a computer-based test look like?
A Demo exam will be made available on the AIPGMEE website AIPGMEE to provide candidates with the look and feel, as well as functionality of the actual test.
4. Can I take the exam from any computer?
No, a candidate will have to test take the exam on a pre-assigned workstation, in the testing venue chosen by him/her during the time of registration.

Exam Duration & Pattern
1. What is the duration of the exam?
The exam duration is 3 hours and 30 Minutes and will be conducted in a single section. There will also be an additional 15-minute tutorial prior to the start of the exam. Candidates will also need to accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before beginning the exam.
2. How many questions will there be?
There will be a total of 300 questions.
3. Can I move back and forth between the questions?
Yes, candidates will have the option to navigate between the questions via the Review Screen. Candidates are advised to make use of the Demo exam on the AIPGMEE website to familiarise themselves with the navigation and functionality of the actual exam. A 15-minute tutorial will also be available prior to the start of the actual exam.
4. What type of questions will there be?
The exam will only contain multiple choice questions, each with four (4) options and only one (1) correct response.
5. What is the syllabus / course on which the exam would be based?
The exam will include all subjects taught during the MBBS course including preclinical, para-clinical and clinical. Approximate weight age will be given to each subject as indicated in the bulletin.
6. What is the 15-minute tutorial?
The tutorial provides a series of screens that will orient you to the computer based AIPGMEE. This will give you an opportunity to try the various features, including how to navigate between questions, review them, select, de-select, change and mark responses etc. The tutorial has a total duration of 15 minutes and candidates are advised to go through it entirely before starting the actual test. At the end of the tutorial, candidates will be asked to accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before beginning the test. For a similar preview, candidates can take a tour of the Demo exam which will be available on AIPGMEE website at
7. What is the Demo Exam?
The Demo exam is a sample computer-based exam that is intended to familiarise candidates with the navigation and functionality of the AIPGMEE. It includes a tutorial on using the various features of the exam like moving between screens, selecting, de-selecting, marking and reviewing responses etc., as well as some sample questions which will allow candidates to try out these features. Note that these sample questions are not representative of the content of difficulty level of the actual exam.

1. When will the next AIPGMEE be conducted?
The next AIPGMEE will be conducted between 2nd December and 8th December. There will be a total of 6 testing days within this testing window, with 2 testing sessions a day.
2. What are the timings for the testing sessions?
There will be 2 sessions – one at 10:00 AM and another at 3:45 PM.
3. Where will the exam be conducted?
The exam will be conducted at selected test centres in 33 cities: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jammu, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Bardoli (Surat), Trivandrum, Udaipur, Varanasi.
4. Where can I get the list of test centres for AIPGMEE?
The list of test centres is available on the AIPGMEE website
5. How do I apply for the exam?
Candidates may register for their test online via from
16 September 2015 to 22 October 2015.
6. What is the test fee?
The fee for the AIPGMEE is Rs. 2750 for SC/ST/PWD candidates and Rs. 3750 for General/OBC candidates.
7. How do I pay for the exam?
The prescribed registration fee should be remitted through payment gateway provided using a Credit Card or a Debit Card issued by banks in India or through Internet Banking. For more information, please visit the website The online registration & scheduling begins on 16 September 2015 and ends on 22 October 2015.
8. What is the last day for application?
The online registration and scheduling opens on 16 September 2015 and closes on 22 October 2015.
9. Can I use my friend’s email address when registering for AIPGMEE?
No, you need to use a valid and unique email address.
10. Is there a restriction on what can be entered within the address fields during the online registration?
Yes, you need to limit each address line to 30 characters including spaces. You may make use of Address line 1, 2 and 3 in case of longer addresses. Special characters are acceptable.
11. What happens after I’ve submitted my online application?
At the end of Registration and Scheduling process the applicant will get a computer generated acknowledgement, this acknowledgment shall also be sent at the registered e-mail ID of the applicant. A print out of this acknowledgment constitutes
the ADMIT CARD-CUM-CONFIRMATION SLIP. Candidate is required to print a copy of admit card and affix a latest passport size photograph. Candidates may also log on to the AIPGMEE website to download and print a copy of their Application form. The Admit Card will specify the Application Number / Testing ID of the Candidate.
12. Can I appear for AIPGMEE more than once during the testing window?
No, you can only appear for AIPGMEE only once during the Nov-Dec 2015 testing window. It will be deemed a fraudulent activity if one attempts to appear more than once. Admit Cards and photo IDs of the candidates will be checked, and digital images and fingerprints will be captured at the test centre.
13. If I have made any mistake(s) while registering for AIPGMEE, can I make changes later to rectify?
If you make mistakes while entering your application data, you may log back in to the AIPGMEE registration website via and select “Edit Profile” to make changes to your personal details such as address or “Edit Application” to make changes to your application data such as educational information. For security reasons, editing of candidate’s full name and username will not be allowed. The ability to edit application profile and application details will
be available until the end of the registration window i.e. until 11:59 PM IST on 22nd October 2015. Note that if you make any changes to your profile or application details, you will need to print and carry the most recent Admit Card.
1. Can I reschedule my exam date / time?
No, you will not be allowed to change your test location, time or date once you have completed your online registration and scheduling process. Please select your preferred choices carefully based on the availability shown to you at the time of your scheduling.
2. Can I cancel the exam?
No, under no circumstances will a cancellation / refund be allowed.
3. If I do not take my exam, will I be eligible for a refund?
No, your fees will not be refunded in case you do not appear for your exam as per your allotted location, date and time.

1. What is the reporting time for the exam?
Candidates must arrive at their assigned test centre one (1) hour before their scheduled test start time. If the test begins at 10 AM, you must reach the reporting counter at test centre no later than 9 AM. If the test begins at 3:45 PM, you must reach the reporting counter at test centre no later than 2:45 PM. This will allow for security checks, identity verification and check-in. The reporting counter will close 30 minutes prior to the exam start time. Candidates who arrive late will not be allowed to take the exam.
2. What do I need to bring to the test centre?
Candidates MUST bring to the test centre the following documents:
1. Printed copy of the Admit Card with photo pasted on it AND
2. Photocopy of the Permanent or Provisional SMC/MCI registration*, to be retained by the test centre AND
3. Any one of the following authorised photo IDs** (must be original and non
• PAN Card
• Driving License
• Voter ID
• Passport
*Candidates who have obtained their Primary Medical Qualification outside India and do not have SMC/MCI registration should bring their original screening test pass certificate issued on NBE letterhead.
Note: Candidate will not be allowed to take personal items such as mobile phones, watches, food items, study material, lockets, bags, electronic gadgets or any other prohibited items into the testing room. You are advised not to bring these to the test centre.
3. Does the name appearing on the photo identification need to match the one shown on the Admit Card?
The name on the photo identification must match the name as shown on the Admit Card. If your name has been changed due to events such as marriage, candidate must show the relevant document mentioned below at the time of the exam:
• Marriage Certificate
• Divorce Decree
• Legal Name Change Document
4. Where can I find directions for getting to my test centre?
Maps and directions to each test centre will be available on the AIPGMEE website Candidates are advised to plan their travel accordingly and make allowance for traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.
5. What happens during the security checks, identity verification and check-in?
Candidates will need to produce their Admit Card and one valid and original ID for verification upon arrival at the test centre. Only registered candidates will be allowed into the test centre. Candidates will be frisked before entering the testing room to
ensure they are not carrying any prohibited items. A digital photo and fingerprint of all candidates will also be captured electronically as part of the check-in process.
6. Will there be any breaks during the exam?
No, there will be no scheduled breaks during the test but candidates are allowed to go to the restroom by raising their hand to inform the test centre administrator. Note that the on-screen timer will continue running during restroom breaks.
7. What will I be provided with during the exam?
At the test centre, each candidate will be seated at a desk with a computer terminal and he/she will be provided with pencils, eraser and rough/scratch paper. Rough work cannot be done on any other paper/sheet, as no other material will be allowed inside the testing room. On completion of the exam, candidates will have to hand all the scratch paper and stationery back to the test centre administrator.
8. How do I know when the exam time has ended?
There will be an on-screen timer on the top right corner of your screen which will count down from 3 hours and 30 minutes. Candidates are advised to check this timer regularly and allocate their time carefully. A pop-up window will appear before the exam ends to alert candidates.
9. Will I be able to leave early if I finish the exam before the allocated test time has ended?
No, candidates will not be allowed to leave until the entire duration of the exam is up with the exception of genuine medical conditions.

Scoring & Results
1. How will I know if I’ve been successful in the AIPGMEE?
Candidates who obtain a minimum score as per category below shall be declared as “Qualified” in AIPGMEE and issued a PASS /QUALIFYING Certificate.
a. General Category – 50% score
b. SC/ST/OBC – 40% score
c. Persons with Disability – 45% score
Successful candidates will be given a merit position (rank) based on their scores obtained in the AIPGMEE. They will then be asked, in order of their merit position, to participate in the centralised counseling to exercise their choice of specialty and institution. This will continue until the allotted seats are filled. The merit list will also be published on the AIPGMEE website.
2. How will the tie of marks be solved? What is the tie breaking criteria?
In case two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in the competitive entrance examination, their inter se merit will be determined according to age, older will get preference over younger.
3. When will the merit list be available?
The merit list will be available by 15th January, 2016.
4. How long are my results valid for?
The results for AIPGMEE are only valid for the current test administration.

1. In case I missed registrations during the registration window, can I still register for AIPGMEE?
No, you can only register for AIPGMEE from 16 September 2015 to 22 October 2015. No exceptions will be permitted.
2. If I do not get my Admit Card, who should I contact?
At the end of Registration and Scheduling process the applicant will get a computer generated acknowledgement, this acknowledgment shall also be sent at the registered e-mail ID of the applicant. A print out of this acknowledgment constitutes the ADMIT CARD-CUM-CONFIRMATION
3. In case the website does not work and I am unable to registered myself, how should I register?
If the registration website is not accessible for any reason, please close your Internet browser and try again. You can register for and your test any time between 16 September to 22 October 2015.
4. If my registration window does not work, who should I contact?
Please contact the NBE Candidate Care on 0124-6771700/1800 11 1700 (Toll Free)
5. What are the timings to contact the NBE Candidate Care helpline?
The FAQs, IVRS and online instructions are designed to enable self-service. You are requested to use these tools to guide you through the entire process and help answer most of your queries. In case you are still facing issues, then NBE Candidate Care Support is available by phone and email.
Phone: 0124-6771700/1800 11 1700 (Toll Free)
Webmail: Use Contact us form at
Phone support availability:
Registration Phase: 16th September to 22nd October 2015 9:00AM to 5:00PM from Mondays to Fridays
Pre-testing window: 23rd October to 01st December 2015 9:00AM to 5:00PM from Mondays to Fridays
Testing window: 2 December to 8 December 2015, 8:00AM to 8:00PM daily NBE Candidate Care will be closed on the following national public holidays:
• 2nd October 2015 (Friday) : Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Day
• 22nd October 2015 (Thursday) : Dussehra
• 11th November 2015 (Wednesday) : Diwali
• 25th November 2015 (Wednesday) : Guru Nanak’s Birthday
Webmail support availability:
Webmail support will be available from 16th September until 10th December 2015.

AIPGMEE 2016 Scheme of Counseling

AIPGMEE 2016 Scheme of CounselingHon’ble Supreme Court of India vide order dated 23.3.2012 in I.A. No.16/2013 in civil Appeal No. 1944 of 1993 in the matter of Anand S. Biji Vs Kerala State & others has directed Directorate General of health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to hold On-line counseling for 50% All India Quota post-graduate Medical and Dental seats.
In order to comply with these directions Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has constituted a Medical Counseling Committee (MCC). The 50% All India Quota PG Counseling scheme as devised and approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India consist of following procedures:
• Flow Chart
• User Manual (Please see at
1. The allocation of seats to various MD/MS/Diploma Courses shall be undertaken through counseling conducted by the counseling agencies/authorities. The counseling (online seat allotment process) for All India 50% quota seats shall be undertaken by Medical Counseling Committee.
2. Candidates are advised to visit for the latest information about various MD/MS/Post Graduate Diploma courses & seats available at various Medical Colleges/Institutions and their recognition status.
3. Candidates may also visit website of Medical Counseling Committee for details of seats available, schedule of counseling and other details.

AIPGMEE 2016 Equating and Scaling

AIPGMEE 2016 Equating and ScalingThe question paper of AIPGMEE 2016 comprises of 300 multiple choice questions each with four options and only one correct response. Multiple question papers are used for AIPGMEE for different sessions and days.
• A standard psychometrically-sound approach is employed for the scoring process of AIPGMEE. This approach has been applied to score all large scale Computer Based Examination utilizing multiple question papers.
• While all papers (forms) are carefully assembled to ensure that the content is comparable, the difficulty of each form may be perceived by different subjects undertaking the exam to slightly vary. Such minor differences in the overall difficulty level are accurately measured after all the different question papers (forms) have been administered and the results analyzed.
A post-equating process is necessary to ensure validity and fairness. Equating is a psychometric process to adjust differences in difficulty so that performance from different exam papers (forms) are comparable on a common metric and therefore fair to candidates testing across multiple papers (forms).
• During post-equating, exam items are concurrently analyzed and the estimated item parameters (item difficulty and discrimination) are put onto a common metric. Item Response Theory (IRT), a psychometrically supported statistical
model, is utilized in this process. The result is a score that takes into account the performance of the candidate along with the difficulty of the form administered.
• In order to ensure appropriate interpretation of performance, the scores must be placed on a common scale or metric. A linear transformation is used for this scaling process, which is a standard practice for such test administration. Post equating takes into account any statistical differences in examination difficulty and ensures all candidates are evaluated on a common scale. The
aforesaid steps ensure that all examination scores are valid, equitable and fair. Merit List shall be prepared on the basis of scores obtained by the candidates.
• There is no provision for re-checking /re-totaling /re-evaluation of the question paper, answers, score and no query in this regard will be entertained.
Tie Breaker Criteria
In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in the competitive entrance examination, their inter se merit will be determined according to age, older will get preference over younger.

AIPGMEE 2016 Merit List

AIPGMEE 2016 Merit Lista. The merit list of each category will consist of a total of five times of number of seats available for allotment or all qualified candidates, whichever is less, will be given chance to participate in online counseling (allotment process). Candidates securing less than 50% score (40% in case of SC/ST/OBC and 45% in case of PH candidates) in the Entrance Examination will not be considered for admission and their names will not be included in the merit list. (List of qualified candidates).
If a reserved candidate qualifies for General category as per the merit list, will be counted as General candidate.
In pursuance of the Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 10.04.2008 and according to detailed instructions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development vide their O.M. No. 1-1/2005-UI A/847 dated 20th April, 2008 Ministry of Health & FW has
decided to implement OBC reservation in All India Quota in phased manner on the pro-rata basis in respect of seats being contributed to the All India Quota by the Central Education Institutions only from the academic year 2009.
To maintain the exact percentage of OBC seat, some of the Institutes decrease or increases OBC seats in the alternate year without disturbing the total number of seats There is 3% horizontal reservation for Physically Challenged persons also (only for locomotory disabilities of lower limbs between 50% to 70% provided that in case any seat in this 3% quota remains unfilled on account of unavailability of candidates with locomotory disability of lower limbs between 50% to 70 % then any such unfilled seat in this 3% quota shall be filled up by persons with locomotory disability of lower limbs between 40% to < 50% before they are included in the seats of respective category) in 50% All India PG Quota seats. Detailed information in this regard is available on the websites of the Medical Counseling Committee (
b. In case two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in the competitive entrance examination , their inter se merit will be determined according to age, older will get preference over younger.

AIPGMEE 2016 Declaration of Result

AIPGMEE 2016 Declaration of ResultA) For All India 50% Quota:
(a) As per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, a total of five times of number of seats available for allotment or all qualified candidates, whichever is less, will be given chance to participate in online counseling (allotment process) for All India 50% quota. The result of only those candidates who will be eligible to participate in the All India PG counseling 2016 shall be declared under the All India 50% Quota list.
(b) It is further clarified that a candidate may qualify AIPGMEE 2016 as per criteria mentioned in Qualifying Criteria but is not in the list of candidates eligible for counseling for All 50% quota seats in accordance with provisions of para (a). Such candidate is however eligible to be considered for counseling for State quota seats (In case the State Government is using AIPGMEE-2016 Merit List) in accordance with their qualifying criteria, applicable guidelines and state reservation policies.
(c) Other Institutes/ State Universities/AFMS Institutes.
The result in respect of AFMS / Other Institutes/ State Universities shall be declared in respect of all applicant candidates on the AIPGMEE 2016 website separately.
(d) Generation of State/ University/ merit list / eligibility list.
The result and candidate data of AFMS Institutes/ Any State/UT/University/ may be procured from the NBE by the concerned State Authority for generating their merit list/ eligibility list / category wise result as per their requirement/reservation policy.
The Medical Counseling Committee (MCC), Directorate General Health Services (DGHS) has no role to play in this matter. MCC shall not entertain any queries in this regard.
(e) The results for AIPGMEE 2016 is likely to be declared by 15th January 2016. The mark sheet- cum-result certificate for the AIPGMEE 2015 examination – All India 50% Quota can be downloaded from the website after
the declaration of result.
(f) There is no provision for rechecking/re-evaluation/re-totaling of the answer sheets and no query in this regard will be entertained.
The data of AFMS Institutes/ Any State/UT/University/College/Institution may be procured from the NBE for generating their merit list/result as per their requirement/ reservation policy by the respective authority.

AIPGMEE 2016 Validity of Result

AIPGMEE 2016 Validity of ResultThe validity of the result of the AIPGMEE 2016 shall be only for the current admission session i.e. 2016 admission session for MD/MS/PG Diploma courses and cannot be carried forward for the next session of admissions for MD/MS/PG Diploma.
Kindly note that the registration of admissions for MD/MS/PG Diploma courses is governed by Post Graduate Medical Education Regulations issued by Medical Council of India with prior approval of Central Government and the Judgments of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

AIPGMEE 2016 Qualifying Criteria

AIPGMEE 2016 Qualifying CriteriaMinimum qualifying score in each category is as follows:
a. General Category (UR) – 50% score
b. SC/ST/OBC – 40% score
c. Persons with Disability – 45% score

If the reserved category (SC/ST/OBC/PH) candidate have Rank in the Unreserved category and as well as in their category, they have the right to claim over UR or their category seats at any of the said ranks as per their choice.

AIPGMEE 2016 Unfair Means

AIPGMEE 2016 Unfair Means• If during the course of training / examination, a candidate is found indulging in any of the following, he/she shall be deemed to have use unfair means.
• If a candidate is found to have made a wrong statement in his/her application form for admission to the examinations / counseling /training or has attempted to secure or has secured admission to any of the examinations of NBE by making a false
statement or by production of a false document .
• If at any stage a candidate has tampered with any entry in the certificate or statement of marks or any certificate issued by any governmental or non-governmental body or any other document that has been issued to him/ her by the Board.
• Use/possession of any kind of electronic gadgets including mobile phones with or without internet (whether the gadgets are actually used or not).
• Having in possession of any note-book(s) or notes or chits or any other unauthorized material concerning the subject pertaining to the examination paper.
• Anything written on any part of clothing, body, desk, table or any instrument such as setsquare, protractor, blotting paper and question paper etc.
• Giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so.
• Change of seat without the permission of Examination Superintendent/In charge Computer Laboratory.
• Contacting or communicating or trying to do so with any person, other than the Examination Staff, during the examination time in the examination center Computer Laboratory.
• Consulting notes, books or any other material or outside person while going out of the examination hall/Computer Laboratory to toilet or to any other place.
• Impersonation.
• Candidate appearing multiple times with same or different identity in different sessions of same examination conducted on Computer Based Testing platform.
• Using or attempting to use any other undesirable method or means in connection with the examination.
• Smuggling out Question Paper or its part; or smuggling out answer book/ supplementary answer sheet or part thereof.
• Running away or swallowing or destroying any note or paper or material found with him/her.
• If the answer books show that a candidate has received or given help to any other candidate through copying.
• Threatening any of the officials connected with the conduct of the examinations or threatening of any of the candidates.
• Found exchanging answer book or question paper with solution or copying from unauthorized material.
• Peeping into the computer monitor screen of the other candidate.
• Disclosing his/her identity or making distinctive mark in the answer book for that purpose or fails to deliver his/her answer book/continuation sheet before leaving the examination hall.
• Hacking or attempting to hack or causing interference with the website of NBE or its Technology Partner(s) or their Information Technology systems.
• Tampering with Information Technology systems of NBE or Technology Partner(s) or Computer Laboratory.
• Damaging the computer systems of computer Laboratory.
• Candidate appearing in FMGE is ineligible to appear in any other NBE exams till such time the candidate qualifies FMGE and is registered by Medical Council of India / State Medical Council, a candidate appearing in FMGE and other exams in
the same session is an unfair means case and is to be dealt accordingly.
• Candidate found to have attempted or trying to attempt personally or through another person to influence or pressurize an examiner, or any officer or official connected with the examinations of the NBE or its technology partner, either at the Board or at the office of technology partner or their respective residence(s), in any matter concerned with the examinations.
• All candidates appearing or have appeared in examinations conduct by NBE are governed by Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which prohibits the candidate from publishing, reproducing or transmitting any or some contents of the test, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or for any purpose. Any candidate violating the NDA will be treated as UMC.
• If at any stage if it is found that the candidate has appeared multiple times in the same session of examination or has appeared in same or different examination of NBE with different names, unfair means case shall be registered against such
candidate and dealt accordingly.
• Any act of candidate/any person which is detrimental to safe, secure and smooth conduct of examination and the decision of EEC in this regard shall be final.
• Candidate is found talking/peeping to another candidate during the examination hours in the examination room.
• A candidate who refuses to obey the Superintendent of Examination center/ Computer Lab and changes his/her seat with another candidate and/or creates disturbance of any kind during the examination and/or otherwise misbehaves in
the examination hall.
• A candidate found copying from notes written on any part of his/her clothing, body, desk or table or instrument like setsquares, protractors, scales etc. or who is found guilty of concealing, disfiguring, rendering illegible, swallowing or destroying any notes or papers or material found with him/her or found exchanging answer book or question paper with solution or talking to a person or consulting notes or books outside the Examination Hall, while going to the toilet or in the toilet.
• Any candidate found guilty of having adopted anyone or more of the above Unfair means/misconduct is liable to be penalized with a penalty by the Ethics Committee, which may vary from cancellation of the examination/expulsion up to next 14  attempts/7 yrs and/or cancellation of candidature as may be decided by Examinations Ethics Committee after considering each case.
• The above list is purely indicative. If any act of omission or commission attributed to the candidate/intent by the candidate to viciat the sanctity of the examination in decision of NBE shall be taken up as unfair means.
Disclaimer – The decision of NBE shall be final and binding for declaration of any person
/candidate guilty of foregoing or such offence as shall be classified as UMC.